Monday, 22 August 2016

Blue Monday

Every Monday I post a filthy excerpt for your entertainment!

Since I did my annual tree-tour at the local cemetery yesterday, I thought I'd post a nice woodsy piece from my nature-magick novel Falling Deep.

Liz has just been rescued by Jake, August's avatar ... from a unicorn. Trust me, guys. It makes sense.

And as she came up his hand was suddenly on the nape of her neck. Her breath caught in her throat.

“You’ve started something you can’t stop,” his deep voice murmured in her ear. “You know that, don’t you.” It was not a question. And it made the heat gush between her legs.

“Oh god,” she whispered.

Without answering he pushed her forward, his hand on her neck the only thing stopping her from stumbling as she tripped over her clumsy feet. Straight at the trunk of a nearby beech. “Hold on,” he growled. “Ass out. I want to see that.”

The gray bark was smooth beneath her hands. She arched her back, sticking her bottom out as he desired. She could feel the slick wetness running from her core through every fiber of her body, soaking her in heat. Jake knew her weakness. He had heard her confession. It wasn’t just his strength that rendered her helpless; it was her own blind and hungry lust.

Unseen behind her, he bent and grabbed her skirt. It was no match for his strength. The back seam, already split halfway by her fall down the ravine, rent up the zipper line with a scream of parting threads. The zipper backing resisted momentarily and then snapped. The button at the waistband popped. He threw it aside and then slapped her ass to make the right bum-cheek bounce. “Wider.”

Stunned, she did as she was told, opening her thighs.

He smacked the other cheek just as hard, then grabbed both and mauled them. Leaning into her, he growled, “See what you done, Liz? See what you’ve done to me?”

She couldn’t see, but she knew all right. His pants were open and his erect cock—a bar of hot flesh that felt like it was branding her—was out, dunting hard up against her soft ass, rubbing into the cleft between her cheeks as he stooped to grind the rear she presented so obediently. Her poor wet panties felt like no barrier to his determined forays.

“There are consequences,” he breathed into her ear. Even his whisper sounded deep, like a lion’s purr. “Every choice you make. You have to bear the consequences.” One hand caught at her left breast and tugged the stiff nubbin of her nipple, making her gasp and writhe her ass against his cock.

“No!” she whimpered, as the sweet silvery pain ran through her from tit to clit. Even the clench of her rear hole tingled.

“Yes,” he contradicted her. “Remember…you asked for this.”

Those words. Oh, those dirty, reprehensible words—each one of which she wanted to reject, each one of which made the dark heat swell in her sex, and made her nipples ache and her pussy run wet. Bad words. Words that turned wrong to right and right to wrong, incantations of the blackest magic. And he knew exactly what he was doing to her. He could hardly miss it—when he slipped fingers into the gusset of her panties, they slithered in the melt his words had made.

“You made me do it,” he growled, his voice thick with lust, running two fingers deep inside her. There was no resistance, only the slick yielding of flesh that opened greedily to his thick knuckles and long digits. “Remember that.”

Liz moaned helplessly as he flexed his wrist and twisted, testing her capacity to open up. She knew he was looking for room for that thick cock of his to lodge. She wanted it just as much as she feared it—for its girth and its length and its power. “Oh, yes!” she cried.

“I’m going to have to fuck you now.” He withdrew his hand, and Liz watched as he trailed her sex juices across the white moon of her ass. “Take those down.”

It was the last surrender. She stooped, one arm against the beech bole, to pull down her knickers. She fully expected him to take her from behind, as before. So she was surprised when he spun her around to face him, slapped her back against the bark, and grabbed her ass in both hands to lift her bodily to a height that matched his own. Her shoulders and upper spine mashed forcefully against the tree and she grabbed at the bark to try to stop herself slipping, but any discomfort was a distant and irrelevant thing. The only thing she needed to fear was the length spearing her between her open thighs.

Liz squealed—the sensation of invasion was so intense she mistook it for pain at that first instance. Jake grunted, twining his voice with hers. Then he began to work his hips, sliding in and out.

There was no pain. There had never been any pain, except the pain of not having him inside her. There was only the huge jolting pressure of his thrusts, making the breath flee her lungs, making her bare breasts dance and jiggle. There was only the knowledge that she was splitting apart, falling in two. Her belly ached from the strain of pushing back at him and trying to arch her spine. Her head banged off the bark and she didn’t feel a thing. The rhythm he was setting was making her breasts slam up and down, and the grip of his hands on her ass was bruising.

“Fuck!” he rasped, jaw open, face contorted. This was a swift, brutal rite—a desperate summoning of power from beyond. This, she knew suddenly, was real magic. Her words and her actions had turned him from rescuer into ravisher. His words and the passes of his hands and the brandishing of the staff he bore between his legs had transformed her from shy town girl into a shameless animal. Forbidden and unspeakable words loaded with power—words such as slut and dirty and whore—danced through her head.

I am his fuck. I am his horny bit of gash. He is my dark man of the Sabat and I am a filthy, sex-hungry witch who will debase myself for him. I will burn for it.

And she did, she did, she did.

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