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Blue Monday - Nano Vaslen guests

Every Monday I post a naughty excerpt for your entertainment!

This week's guest post is from the story Maman Brigitte by Slave Nano. Here's the blurb:

Piloting the slave ship Le Saphir, captained by the cruel Captain Dugarry, is to be Gerard’s final job before retirement. He does not realize his journey will draw him into the world of Maman Brigitte, a Guede, who controls the way to the spirit world. Gerard is forced to choose between his life among the living and eternal submission to a cruel goddess.

But first Nano explains some of the mythological background - it's all new to me and I LOVE it!

"First up, I’d like to thank Janine for having me on her blog page today to tell you about my new release, Maman Brigitte. Well, this is pretty much Ashbless territory – after all, it’s is a story about a cruel mythological figure of female retribution who conducts some eye-wateringly extreme punishments involving hot chillies, blood play and branding. But, hey, don’t let that put you off! But, yes, this is definitely dark goddess territory.
So, who is Maman Brigitte?
Maman Brigitte is a Guede, voodoo figures from Haiti (formerly, St Domingue) who guard the crossroads between this world and the spirit world. She is said to be married to another such spirit, Baron Samedi.
Interestingly, her origins are in Ireland with the Pagan Goddess Brigid, and the Catholic St Bridget. She is based on Irish legends and mythology brought to the Caribbean by Irish slaves in the 17th century, which merged with native voodoo culture to create the unique figure that is Maman Brigitte. If you want to find out more about the Irish slave trade, then you can link to the blog on my web site on this little discussed subject.
Maman Brigitte is a goddess of retribution and can be called upon to inflict punishments on those who harm her devotees. She is also a goddess of the cemetery and is said to especially protect graves marked with a cross, the cross being a symbol of the crossroads into the spirit world as well as representing Christianity.
She is a tough-talking woman who uses a lot of obscenities. She drinks rum laced with hot pepper. She is also known to pass hot pepper on the skin of her genitals, a test that is also used to determine faked possessions.
They still celebrate her in Haiti when on 2nd November Fet Ghede is a national holiday. Thousands of people dress in white or the purple and black of the Guede and stream onto the streets and head for the cemetery where the crosses of Maman Brigitte and Baron Samedi are worshipped.
She’s one mean mother, as the characters in my story discover."

When I came to, I was staked out naked on the ground, spread-eagled, and tied with jungle vine to wooden stakes amongst the cemetery mounds. I glanced across at Captain Dugarry who was tied naked and dishevelled onto a crude wooden cross. The two slaves were standing outside Maman Brigitte’s hut dressed in skins and furs, with collars of animal teeth around their necks. My body was numb and my head reeling. Why had I let myself get drawn into this strange world of voodoo spirits?

Maman Brigitte was wandering around the graveyard with a bowl sprinkling us all with some liquid, anointing us for a ceremony like a deranged priest. After completing this task, she spread her arms wide, pointed her staff to the sky, making some kind of invocation to the spirits of the dead.

“In this ceremony, the spirits will test the cleanliness of your soul,” Maman Brigitte proclaimed. I glanced across at Captain Dugarry; his eyes were glazed over; all attempt at resistance gone. I could tell he had already been subjected to some kind of torture. We had been tricked and trapped. The captain had made a one-sided pact with the Guede and now we were both consumed in their world, surrendered into the hands of Maman Brigitte.

She approached me, her staff in one hand and a candle in her other. She knelt over me, resting the staff on the ground. She held the candle close to my face. Her face was luminous in the gentle glow of the candlelight, and her emerald eyes fixed on me as if she was looking into me. With deft movements, she pulled the candle back and tipped a pool of molten wax onto my nipples. My body jerked in shock and pain and I let out a gasp.

“Your friend has already suffered for me, now it is your turn. Will you let the power of the spirit world into you? Does your soul need cleansing? Tell Maman Brigitte what darkness is there, and let her in.” My head was reeling with the heat of the fire water in my stomach, the pain of the hot wax, the sickening aroma of the incense that pervaded the whole cemetery, and Maman Brigitte’s dark skin illuminated by the candle light.

I knew I was at a crossroads. I knew enough from sailors’ tales and legends of the power of the Guede; that they were intermediaries between the real world and the spirit world. I believed that now. Old mad Pierre was right. But what would I choose? To stay in this world, or pass with Maman Brigitte into the spirit world.

I shook my head in denial. I was not ready to pass. Maman Brigitte passed the candle over my naked body dripping droplets of hot wax on my flesh until she held it over my cock and balls, and poured another pool of hot wax over me. The pain was excruciating, like nothing I had ever felt before, needle sharp but sensuous, all at the same time.

I saw her pull out a red fruit from the folds of her dress. She held it in front of me, watching as my eyes widened in trepidation.

“Red chillies,” she explained, “the hottest and fiercest I can find, ripened in the hot Caribbean sun.” She held one over me and split it, licking her fingers erotically afterwards as she knelt over me. She took one half and rubbed it gently up the shaft of my cock. I felt the burning sensation. She ran it over the tip at its most sensitive point.

I screamed out in pain, “No, please no!” She laughed at me. She took one end and inserted it into the tip of my cock as deeply as she could without forcing it. My body jerked with pain. She took the other half and reached under me to touch my backside. I felt her fingers searching for the right spot and then the chilli was gently pushed into my arse.

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Slave Nano is an author of erotica drawing on the themes of female supremacy, BDSM, and
fetish. His short stories and novellas have been published by Xcite Books, House of Erotica, Coming Together, and Greenwoman Publishing. His novel Adventures in Fetishland has been published by Xcite Books. Maman Brigitte is his first story for Forbidden Fiction Publishing. He is a member of Leodis Pagan Group and has also had work published in the Pagan e-magazine Eternal Haunted Summer. You can find out more about his writing on his website

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