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Blue Monday - Madeleine Shade guests

Every Monday I post a filthy excerpt for your entertainment!

This week's guest post is from the story Rumpled by Madeleine Shade

 After freeing himself from a spell that left him trapped deep within the earth, Rumpelstiltskin returns to the kingdom built on the foundation of spun gold to claim his promised bride. Trapped in a twisted form, the ensorcelled fairy prince keeps the beautiful Bianca bound as he suckles at her breasts, inducing the virgin’s milk needed to return to his true form. Bianca witnesses her captor’s transformation from her breast milk and, in turn, begins to explore her new sensuality under his nimble touch. But when he refuses to consummate their union, Bianca must make the choice of returning to her place as a princess of the realm or reveling in her new-found sexual freedom. Can she seduce the fairy prince to succumb to her charms or will his noble resolve keep them apart forever? Will the fair prince Rumpelstiltskin keep his promise to free the woman of his dreams or will the captor become the captive?

She slowly stood up, letting the crimson silk fall to the floor. As she walked towards him, she could feel a wetness building between her legs and the milk leaking from her breasts to drip on the floor. The exquisite pain continued to build. She stood to face him. There was no doubt about it; he was taller now. His head was level with her breasts. Perfect. A dark look came over him and he reached out with a slender finger to wipe the milk dripping from an aching nipple.

“Very pretty,” he said. He lightly flicked the puckered bud and then raised his finger to lick the drops off.

Bianca groaned. “Please help me.” Suck me dry.

Rumpelstiltskin took her hand in his and led her naked and trembling to the bathroom door. Inside, candles burned, releasing the heady scent of strawberries and vanilla. She was so hungry.

Steam rose from the claw-footed bathtub. An old-fashioned milking stool stood at the head of the tub. On the other end, a large ornate mirror reflected the tub and its contents on the silvery surface. Rose petals floated in a sea of glittery foam. He gently urged her to step inside the welcoming warmness. Bianca did as he asked. Once submersed, she closed her eyes, leaned back in the tub and let her head rest against the edge. The ache in her breasts increased.

A stool scraped the floor and she heard him settle on the milking stool next to the tub, but she refused to open her eyes. Bottles clanked and new scents competed in the steamy air. She gasped when a familiar hand stroked the tender skin of her stomach. Soap slid over her body and she sighed from the pleasure of the contact. He washed her with a soft touch, tenderly soaping every inch of her skin except for the one place where she wanted it most. Her tits throbbed unbearably and she whimpered at the intensity of the feeling.
“Poor dear.” Rumpelstiltskin chuckled. “A little sore today, are we?”

“Please.” She arched towards him, but he pulled away. Her eyes snapped open and she saw herself in the mirror. Milk was streaming from her nipples, staining the water with their creamy elixir.

“Milk baths are good for the skin,” Rumpelstiltskin said as he moved the three-legged stool so that it was positioned directly behind her.

She watched him in the mirror. Even though he was still much shorter than she was, there was no denying that he was changing, that he was being transformed by her milk. His beard was gone and he no longer resembled a wizened old dwarf, all twisted and gnarled and bleak. His hair was now as golden as hers and his skin had smoothed out to the complexion of a ripe peach. He was beautiful. And she wanted him.

“Put your arms behind your head,” he said.

She immediately obeyed.

He reached out with supple hands and carefully brushed them across her nipples. She moaned at the surge of pleasurable pain that came with his touch. He then began to gently knead the flesh and her milk gushed out to mingle with the water. She panted from the pleasure of it all and closed her eyes. He stopped immediately.

“Open your eyes,” he commanded. “I want you to see how beautiful you are.”

Her eyelids flickered open and she gazed at herself in the large mirror. Her nipples were as red as ripe strawberries against the creamy whiteness of her skin. Her lips were a dark pink and her eyes were black holes in her face.

“Yes,” he said. “Much better.”

With his deft touch, he brushed and tugged and flicked and caressed her breasts. Bianca began to squirm, pressing her thighs together against the slipperiness that was building at her core. He smiled at her in the mirror. “That’s my girl.”

“Please,” she groaned. “Help me.”

“I am helping you,” he whispered in her ear. His tongue reached out to flick her earlobe and she wrapped her hands around the back of his head, twining her fingers through his thick, lustrous hair.

“Please, please,” she moaned.

He laughed and disentangled himself from her grasp. By now the bath water was opaque with spilt milk. He picked up a jar filled with a golden thickness. He scooped a handful of the stuff out of the jar and began to massage its stickiness into the tender skin of her breasts.


Rumpelstiltskin reached up and pressed a honey-covered finger against her lips “Shhh.”

His eyes were a deeper color of amber and they were growing dark with need. It won’t be much longer, she thought. She sensuously began to lick the honey from her lips. He groaned.

“Join me,” she demanded. Her voice was husky with desire. “Please.”

Rumpelstiltskin smiled then and slowly stood up to his full height. He lifted his shirt, exposing a finely muscled chest touched with golden hair that dipped into his trousers. Bianca couldn’t help it.

She slipped her hands in the water and spread herself to finger her swollen lips.

He reached out and grabbed her hand, pulling it back out of the water. “Now, now,” he admonished.  He released her, leaving her to squirm in the warm milky water as he shed his pants. His erect cock sprang free and she gasped in surprise. It was larger, much larger than it had been just a day ago. She wanted him so badly, she could scream.

With a graceful ease, he slipped into the water and sighed as the milk caressed his skin. “That feels nice.”

Bianca reached for him, eager to have him straddle her lap. His rigid cock pressed hard against her belly as he leaned over and drew an engorged nipple into his mouth. She orgasmed immediately, screaming at the sharp release, but he didn’t stop. Instead, he sucked harder, pulling the milk from her with his full lips. His demanding hands squeezed her breasts. Her orgasm continued building, rolling in huge waves that threatened to take her under.

When she finally went limp, Rumpelstiltskin lifted his head to gaze at her. His lips were red and swollen. Milk dribbled down his chin. She reached forward and began to lick the creaminess from his face.

“I like you better without the beard,” she whispered in his ear.

He kissed her then, hard and fierce. Bianca surrendered completely.

When he sat back, she thrust her breasts out. “More,” she begged. “Please don’t stop.”

He leaned forward and took her tit in his mouth, sucking so hard tears filled her eyes. Yet she urged him on. “Harder, faster,” she demanded, bucking against him.

Rumpelstiltskin reached up to hold her wrists firmly above her head. His other hand slid into the water where he unfolded the lips of her sex. He ran his fingers up and down, circled her clit and then reached down again to press his fingers into her core before sliding back up to gently pinch the swollen bud.

His teeth clamped down on her puckered nipple. Bianca thrust against him hard, voicing her pleasure as another orgasm split through her. She was only vaguely aware of the molten heat pouring out of him against the tender softness of her belly before she fell into a darkness scattered with shooting lights.

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Madeleine Shade writes erotic fairy tales and cross-pollinated mythic fiction drawn from her extensive studies in folklore and mythology. In addition to her steamy short stories, she is also the author of the interconnected novellas in the Shady Lady Fairy Tales series.

“Madeleine Shade brings impressive erudition and deep psychological insight to her seductively ingenious craft, all the while remaining accessibly down-to-earth and mind-blowingly steamy—in itself, a feat akin to magic!” — TAS, Erotica for the Big Brain


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