Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Out now - Never Say Never

New short story published this week!

Never Say Never, edited by Alison Tyler, is the follow-up to her Never Have the Same Sex Twice. It's a mixture of sex-advice and short stories designed to provide inspiration and entertainment.

Here's the blurb:
Monogamy does NOT have to equal monotony and eroticist author Alison Tyler has made it her life's mission to make sure it never is with Never Say Never! Half of a very happily married duo, Tyler's advice is that couples can build a trust level that makes experimentation truly possible and posits that uninhibited, really exciting, and highly imaginative sex happens best with lovers who just happen to be couples, too. This follow up to Tyler's bestselling Never Have the Same Sex Twice blends her wisdom, expert advice, and favorite erotic scenarios illustrating myriad sexual techniques and fantasies designed to liven up the bedroom.
Now, I'm not the world's greatest crusader for monogamy, for sure, but the theme of this volume is couples having fun together and I can certainly get behind that :-)

My story - the first in the book, yay! - illustrates the erotic possibilities of voyeurism and is called Wherever I Wander.

Here's the full lineup:

Chapter One: Watch This Way—Voyeurism
Wherever I WanderJanine Ashbless
Chapter Two: X Iis for Exposure—Exhibitionism
Bring Me the Dark • Angell Brooks
Chapter Three: Slippery When Wet—Cunnilingus
Savory • Georgia E. Jones
Chapter Four: Open Wide—Fellatio
 Allowed Charlotte Stein
Chapter Five: Close Your Eyes—Blindfolds
Blind LustKristina Lloyd
Chapter Six: Tied and Teased—Beginning Bondage
Silk Teresa Noelle Roberts
Chapter Seven: Naughty, Naughty—Spanking
 Beneath the SurfaceSommer Marsden
Chapter Eight: Fantasies First—Role- Play
Afternoon Strip • N. T. Morley
Chapter Nine: Back- Door Man—Anal
The Final FrontierJustine Elyot
Chapter Ten: Bend Over, B/F—Pegging
A Round Peg in a Round HoleShanna Germain
Chapter Eleven: Crossing Your T’s—Cross- Dressing
Tangled Up in Blue • Sophia Valenti
Chapter Twelve: Twist Me, Taunt Me, Turn Me On—Fetishes
The Silk Road * Donna George Storey
Chapter Thirteen: More the Merrier—Ménage
Margarita Magic • Thomas S. Roche
Chapter Fourteen: Trading Spouses—Soft Swapping
Syzygy Ashley Lister
Chapter Fifteen: Mind Your Ma’ams—Femme Domme
No Shame * Dante Davidson
Chapter Sixteen: 24/7—Living a Kinky Life
Is That Man Bothering You?Alison Tyler

And here's how Wherever I Wander starts - yes, your second excerpt in two days - and coincidentally the story features towels too!


My shocked cry brought my husband out of our tiny en-suite into our cabin, a towel  wrapped about his hips. “What?” he asked.

“Phone home.” I didn't look up from our laptop screen. “Phone home now!”

“What's wrong?”

“Stacia—she's . . .”

He bounced onto the foot of the bed with me, to see what I was seeing. I was aware with some corner of my mind that he'd just emerged from the shower, and that he was still damp and scented with tea-tree body-wash. But most of my attention was on the WiFi feed running on my laptop screen.

“Oh . . .” he said.

Stacia was on the sofa—my sofa, strewn with the cushions I'd chosen—with a young man. They were kissing, passionately, and she had her blouse off to reveal a lacy bra and pillowy breasts. His hands were all over her, stroking and caressing, and although the live feed was silent, I had no difficulty hearing her mimed sighs and squeaks of pleasure in my head.

“I went online to check everything was all right back home,” I explained, aware that what I was doing might look a little like spying. “Look what she's doing! Ring her now!”


I cast him a hard glance. His own gaze was glued to the screen. “I can never work out your phone,” I complained, but it was an excuse and I knew it.

“And to say what?” he asked. 

“To stop what she's doing!” Which was, at that moment, pulling the boy's T-shirt off over his head.

“On what grounds? That we may have failed to mention the security cameras we installed to keep an eye on the house?”

“I said No Parties While We're Away!”

 “That's not a party, hon. That's one guy.”

Stacia rubbed her breasts against the boy's bare chest and bit his lip, drawing it out.

“They look like they're partying to me!”

“Well . . .” My husband shrugged. “We're paying her to be a house-sitter—not a nun.”

Once more I glanced sharply at him, wrinkling my nose. “They're doing it in our living room!”

“So you want to bill her for dry-cleaning the cushions, then?”

Never Say Never is on sale at Amazon US and coming soon at Amazon UK


Jo said...


Janine Ashbless said...

Don't worry ... they make the best of it ;-)

Jo said...

That's a bit awkard too :)

Janine Ashbless said...

Okay ... why? The housesitter is an adult and not related to them. You could say that any voyeurism is morally dubious (and I would agree), but that was the subject I was given to write about. I would call it mildly unethical, not "awkward".