Friday, 4 April 2014

I AM the Lawn!

Well, since I was talking about things that shamed me, last time ... Here's a confession.

My back lawn in February:

My back lawn now:

The reason for the startling difference? I had it all dug up and replaced with goddamn plastic.
And I love it.

Yes, it's shameful. I like to think of myself as green, at one with the awe-inspiring cycles of nature etc etc. I've worked in forestry and conservation. I'm even writing a novella series about seasonal cycles right now.
But I just got fed up with the mud.
Two - sometimes three - dogs in one little garden means that half the mud ends up being tracked back into the house. It means sheets spread out over the carpets all winter. It means wiping 8+ doggy feet every single time they go out for a pee.
This is the year I broke.

And I am ashamed, but I can live with that.


Jo said...

I don't judge you! Maybe lawns aren't THAT eco anyway...

Anne Steen-Tierney said...

I can't show my husband this.... the temptation would be TOO. GREAT. Of course, I'm feeling kinda tempted too, so....

Janine Ashbless said...

It is of course my job to tempt people down the path of shameful wickedness, Anne ;-)