Friday, 6 December 2013

When I was 46...

This is me, two weeks ago :-)

It was my 47th birthday this week, so in order to keep a record of (and hopefully a brake on) my slide into senescence, here is is my annual post on Fings Wot I Have Done For the First Time Ever.

When I was forty-six, for the first time

  • I bought a  Xmas-scented room-freshener (Dude, not a good start!)
  • And a Kardashian Kollection dress (!) ... which I reluctantly gave away, because my boobs weren't big enough to fill it.
  • I ate at a Yo Sushi with the awesome little conveyor belt thingy!! Woooo!

There were four of us, I swear

  • I read all four Gospels and the Book of Genesis all the way through. No, I never did that as a Christian. Most Christians don't.
This is serious anthropological research, I'll have you know
  • I missed a plane.
  • I started a course of IPL. It hasn't worked yet.
  • I bought a Kindle, and discovered just how much truly shit self-published stuff there is out there :-0
  • I took my parents on holiday abroad (and we got on well!).
  • I visited three new countries: Montenegro, Bosnia-Herzegovina, and Croatia. All of which are beautiful and fascinating and deserve many future return visits.
Woot! This is an ACTUAL PROP from Game of Thrones - They use false walls and doors to close off streets during filming. Taken in Split, Croatia.
  • I swam with the fishies in the Red Sea - and didn't, despite my dire predictions, get eaten by a shark.
  • We finished our nine-year-long Dragonlance Dungeons & Dragons campaign ...and started on campaigns in 4th Edition D&D and Deadlands. (Huzzah, more rules-systems to learn...)
  • I fell in love with a BLUE WIG, and wore a bodystocking in semi-public. Twice, in fact. Different bodystockings too, but the same wig. Is lycra addictive?

  • I wrote Cover Him With Darkness, the novel, and finished These Fierce Enchantments, a third short story collection. Both should be published in 2014.
  • I heard the, ahem, "backward masking" on Stairway to Heaven.
  • I switched to heavy-duty facecreams for Older Skin. (Boooo!)
  • I went sea-kayaking (Yaaaaaay!)

  • I drank a pumpkin spiced latte, and a Long Island iced tea. I ate white truffles.
  • I started wearing eyeliner every day, even in private.

On that showing I reckon I'm only halfway dead so far, give or take :-) Not many publications this year though - books are like buses: none get printed for ages and then they all come out at once. Maybe I should stop arsing around on kayaks and get stuck into some writing?


Jo said...

Ok, I've been to the Pitt Rivers museum and Ripley's. Ermm...

Jo said...

Oh, erm, as in that's about it, not that they weren't fantastic.