Friday, 27 December 2013

2013 in the rearview mirror

It's nearly over, folks! 2013, that is. So, as every year, I take a look back at what has gone before and award the outstanding features my official seal of approval  ... which I should call the "Ashy" or something - an accolade that will, once earned, echo throughout all time even unto the ears of the gods themselves.
Or not.

Best Picture:

Hannah Mermaid swims with a manta ray

Best Movie:

I watched 27 movies this year - fewer than previous years, for no particular reason. Here are my top five, in rough order of how much I enjoyed them, not artistic merit or anything:

Movie I disliked most this year? Oz the Great and Terrible, which should have its title shortened by the excision of the third and fourth words, for the sake of accuracy.

Best Comedy Act:

I've become a big fan of Richard Herring, who does a tour each year consisting of a monologue on some single subject of universal human importance - Moustaches, Love, Religion, Death ... in early 2013 he was talking about Cocks and he was great.

Best TV:

Doctor Who was a late contender for this Ashy ... but I'm awarding it to subtitled French creepshow Les Revenants.

"Twin Peaks" but with undead.

Best Eyecandy:

It's so hard to choose...

But I've totally got a thing about this pic because, in my head, that guy's a character in my forthcoming Cover Him With Darkness novel. So, him.

Best Music:

Aw jeez, I am getting old. I've started listening to what might be described as Big Band music - well, its latest incarnation anyway. In fact the only album I bought this year was by Ivy Levan.

(warning: video is sorta disturbing and includes unladylike language, so NSFW)

Wisest Words:

These. Unfortunately.

And so, 2013, farewell!

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