Friday, 8 November 2013

Getting your Five-A-Day

I particularly love the papaya shot.

I'm not sure the hard statistics quoted above are accurate (especially from country to country), but this cute video does make a point I've tried to make before: sex in porn vids does not reflect reality, and it is an appalling shame that it's the nearest thing to instruction in sexual matters and manners that most young people come across.

Porn sex is entertainment - and entertainment aimed primarily at men, at that. It's wholly visual, whereas real sex is both visual and tactile. It's incredibly over-dramatised, and it's enacted by professional performers who are paid precisely because they neither look nor act like ordinary folks.

Written erotica suffers from the same thing of course. We authors are entertainers too. We can over-dramatise. We can heighten the emotions, and play down the common sense and the human frailties. In fact we play down the humour and the silly fun in sex a lot. Anyone who read my stories and thought they were an accurate depiction of what to expect in bed is going to be baffled, I think.

Especially by the lack of minotaurs.

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Jo said...

Love your last line!