Wednesday, 31 July 2013

This is what happens when you have Troll Sex in public

Earlier this year I read out the Troll Sex scene from Named and Shamed to an appreciative and giggly audience at Eroticon. The result? John D bought the book and has posted a wonderful 5-star review online.

He says:
"I found it easy to empathise with the lead character, Tansy, and just adored her personality; she is no bland slut, merely providing a vessel for sex, but a person with a rich, colourful personality. I loved her and bought into her quest, and enjoyed every lustful experience she embraced with wild abandon."

"One day I want to be able to write a book as good, as erotic and as engrossing, as Named and Shamed."

Full review here

To be honest there are days I wonder why I don't just submit to the marketing gurus and write the same old Fifty-Shades-alike novels as every other writer - they sell like hot cakes, they are given shelfspace in supermarkets and feature in newspaper articles. They are successful and mainstream. Why do I bother writing something that's different? Something that has its own plot, and its own voice? Something not every reader will get?

And then people like John D remind me. And it's all worthwhile again.
Thank you.

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