Monday, 29 July 2013

Eyecandy Monday


Have I posted this picture before on an Eyecandy Monday? I know it's from a post Jo did...

I'm coming to realise that my memory is going. It's clearly filled up with too much writing stuff and basically whenever anything new from real life is shovelled in on top, it has a 75% chance of falling straight off again. Mr Ashbless is slowly coming to terms with the fact that just because he tells me something, it doesn't mean I'm hearing it. My mind is elsewhere. Off with the angels.

Life would be a lot more memorable if it followed fictional rules. Like if, every significant piece of information was flagged up by meaningful looks and dramatic weather. Or if there was, you know, less padding and repetition and redundant incident.

Oh, what the hell. The pic's worth seeing again, I reckon.
And as long as I can still write and follow the plot-arcs in Game of Thrones (I'm just fine with that sort of thing!), I don't really care that much.


Jo said...

Me Jo? I have no memory of that. Unless it's from that Oh Look, Cupcakes one from years back.

I reckon I am in the early to mid stages of early onset Alzheimer's, I just still think it's personal failing slash fatty acid deficiency...

Janine Ashbless said...

Yeah, you! Wasn't it?