Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Impossible Spaces

Rarely do I talk about my Other Writing on this blog ... but I very much want to give a shoutout to Impossible Spaces, edited by Hannah Kate and published by Hic Dragones. It's a brand-new anthology of dark fantasy stories themed around looking-glass worlds and dimensions that can't really exist but intrude nonetheless into our reality - just the sort of meta-Lovecraftian theme that gives me the delicious horrors.

"Sometimes the rules can change. Sometimes things aren’t how they appear. Sometimes you can just slip through the cracks and end up… somewhere else. What else is there? Is there somewhere else, right beside you, if you could only reach out and touch it? Or is it waiting to reach out and touch you?
Don’t trust what you see. Don’t trust what you hear. Don’t trust what you remember. It isn’t what you think.
A new collection of twenty-one dark, unsettling and weird short stories that explore the spaces at the edge of possibility."

Plus, Hic Dragones are a pleasure to work for. They are based in the UK and are a creative writing and literature team who come up with workshops, conferences and (hopefully soon) murder-mystery games as well as publishing books.

Twenty-one stories make up this chunky collection, including one by British horror stalwart Ramsey Campbell, and one by ME! Except that I'm writing under my other name ... and there's no sex in my nasty urban horror tale, for which everyone ought to be grateful ...

You can buy the book in either paperback or Kindle/mobi/epub format, and amuse yourselves trying to identify me from my writing style alone.

Oooh - it's a CLUE!

Or you could cheat and read the author bios, I suppose ...

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Nym Nix said...

So, not knowing anything about your alternate identity (but I WILL buy the book, coz the curiosity is killing me), I am interested to know if you consider your main body of work to be your erotic fiction a la Janine Ashbless, or the other stuff?

Janine Ashbless said...

Nym, I started off right in the beginning wanting to be a horror writer, but the erotica took over. My main body of work is definitely under the "Janine Ashbless" name and theme - I hardly ever write horror these days. I just find erotica so much more rewarding and positive in every way :-)

Nym Nix said...

Well, that makes me happy!