Monday, 24 June 2013

Eyecandy Monday:

Okay, so, I watched the Superman movie Man of Steel, and this is the last thing I can remember clearly ... because I think my brain drowned:

Nothing important happened after this, right?

The wet trousers thing is preceeded by the bit where he bursts in and rescues the doomed oil-rig guys, and he's all beardy and hairy-chested and shirtless and HE'S ON FECKIN' FIRE, and it was the most stupid, glorious, wonderful, Bad Romance Cover moment that I wanted to stand up and cheer:

Man of steel, hair of asbestos

Then he went and got a shave and started to look like Superman, and suddenly I lost all interest. Either because he has a weird boney jaw, or I hate side-partings, or I'm just a sad facial-hair-fetishist. Who can say?

Still, I will always have the behind-the-scenes shots:

And the weird propaganda workout video:

That Zack Snyder... he has facial hair too. Hmmmm.
Goddamn, I'm a sick woman.


Jo said...

I love that this is your whole review! Ha! Poor, objectified Henry Caville.

Janine Ashbless said...

Poor, poor guy :-)