Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Angels in Trenchcoats

Eric Stoltz as Simon the angel

Many many years ago I watched The Prophecy and fell for angel Simon. He wears a trenchcoat and comes to a Bad End.

The Prophecy is a fabulous, underrated little supernatural thriller, btw - you really should watch it if you haven't already. The angels are all totally badass. It's got Christopher Walken in as the grumpy monkey-hating Archangel Gabriel - and Viggo Mortensen as a thoroughly unpleasant Satan!

Seriously, what more could you ask?
Writing Cover Him With Darkness, I have to consciously avoid Prophecy memes.

Actually, Gabriel gets a rotten press as far as angel movies go. He/She turns up as the Big Bad in Constantine too ... which is not such a great movie but Tilda Swinton is eerily convincing:

John Constantine took the trenchcoat - Gabriel was left with just a vest and longjohns
And he's the genocidal enemy of all mankind in Legion.

Plate armour? That's so 15th Century, Gabriel.

So anyway, I'm now planning to watch the whole Supernatural series, and happily anticipate falling head over heels for this grungy chap:

Misha Collins as the angel Castiel

Wish me luck!


amhartnett said...

Oh, Castiel ...

You're a goner, Janine.

Janine Ashbless said...

Oh, now you're teasing me! Gah! I'm all a-quiver!