Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Wild Enchantments preview

New Improved Shakespeare, with better sex! (Miranda, The Tempest by John William Waterhouse, 1916)
Since I have surrendered my manuscript of Wild Enchantments to the fickle arms of Fate, and can no longer change my darling, I thought I'd give you a sneaky glimpse of the stories therein:

1) Too Much of Water
A bittersweet fairy tale with a historical Russian setting, Ivan the Terrible and a nasty supernatural Thing.
 2)  Bolt Hole
My zombie apocalypse story! Features dirty desperate shaven-headed people and lots of sweat.
3) The King in the Wood
A historical set in ancient Rome. Escaped slaves and weird religious rituals. Desperate dirty long-haired guy...
4) The Sorcerer’s Apprentice
A contemporary setting (I had to do one): modern London, but in the same universe as Wildwood and Named and Shamed: magic has come back. This is a scary hardcore piece with an unsympathetic narrator. He gets what's coming to him though, when he tries to make use of the succubus his boss holds captive. Bad, bad idea.
5) Sycorax
My riff on Shakespeare’s The Tempest.  Miranda wasn't as innocent as Shakespeare made out, you know.
6) Knight Takes Queen
A King Arthur tale, with spanking. Lots of spanking.
7) At Usher’s Well
A melancholy ghost story with a historical setting – early 16th century Scotland. Yes, undead sex. And I went a bit crazy with the Scots dialect.
8) The Military Mind
SF – future war - with aliens and guns and stuff. Also two gangbangs. There may be some sweaty shaven-haired guys too ... I've been channelling Kristina Lloyd, clearly.
9) A Man’s Best Friend
Look! Some erotic ROMANCE!! Water Margin-esque faux-Ancient-China fantasy setting; a warrior travels thousands of miles to tell a widow some bad news ... (That she is a widow, basically).
10) The Merry Maid
A nice happy fairy tale. You'll need it after that lot! There were these three brothers and a magic porridge spoon...

And that's All She Wrote.


Chris said...

I absolutely cannot wait for this one. The problem will be "which of the stories will I read first?" which could lead me to total paralysis.

Janine Ashbless said...

lol! The perils of porn!

Madeline Moore said...

I love your collections, Janine. Chris, I would read them in order - Janine likely has a reason for the placement of each piece.

I am only able to read one story each night. Your stories blow me away.

Janine Ashbless said...

Madeline, that's a lovely thing to say. And it's true -I pay a lot of care to the order of the stories.