Friday, 11 January 2013

Wild Enchantments - first draft

Thanks to Alec for sending me this pic!

2013 is definitely going to be the Year of the Romantic Novel - I am after all under orders! - but first I'm polishing off the last of the filth. Well, polishing up the filth anyway ... I've just finished the 10th story in a collection tentatively titled "Wild Enchantments" (have you spotted the pattern yet?) and spent several hours yesterday stuffing the squabbling, fractious things into a single volume.

Over the next week or so I have to get it ready for submission - formatted, spellchecked, each story prettied up. I have to log every name I've used in my database to ensure I'm not repeating myself. And talking of repeats - I need to make sure that the sex varies across the volume ("Oh, do we have to have anal again, Janine?"), that I'm not reusing metaphors or tropes or story structures (I already know there's probably too much rainy weather), and that the narrator voices are individualised.

And then there's the research for tiny but vital details. Off the top of my head this will include fact-checking across websites on

  • How to speak Enochian
  • The life of Ivan the Terrible
  • Zombie ants
  • Modern Military jargon
  • medieval musical instruments

I've said it before: thank goodness for t'Internet!


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Chris said...

I dread to think, and can't wait to find out, why you need to know about zombie ants.

Janine Ashbless said...

Well, it's for the zombie story, obviously!