Saturday, 8 December 2012

Sh! Join in the Pleasure Hunt!

This post is part of the Sh! Christmas Pleasure Hunt blog-hop. There are prizes to be won this weekend, you can take part from anywhere in the world, and all the rules can be found at Quizmeister Kristina Lloyd's place, or on the SH! Blog.

So what more appropriate theme for this post can there be, than pictures of the latest smut-reading I took part in, at the Hoxton branch of Sh! 

"D. L. King and Friends" was organized by anthology editor and femdom-smutter D.L. King, and we all read our stories from books she'd created.

Here we are looking demure and respectable:

L to R: Jacqui Brocker, Jacqueline Applebee, K D Grace, D L King, Janine Ashbless, N J Streitberger. Ciara Finn also read, but was shy!

Here we are .... waving sex-toys around:

Remittance Girl has joined in on the left of the lineup :-)

There are a lot of sex-toys to hand at Sh! when you walk in - that's the second thing you notice about the place. The first thing you notice is how PINK it is!

Carnal Machines on Kindle
Sh! does a brilliant job of supporting erotica authors with organised readings. It also runs workshops and events and has some of the most friendly, helpful staff in retail. It deservedly won Time Out's award  for London's Best Sex Shop for Women, because it's fun, bright and totally non-intimidating. Here's a quote from the manager:
The company I work for was set up, on budget of £700, so women of all ages, sexual preferences & varying degrees of sexual experience could safely shop & ask advice. It's female-focused - the shop says 'no thank you' to men shopping solo (imagine how many thousands of pounds we lose each year due to this!).

Here's a very pink pic of me reading from my steampunk story The Servant Question (to be found in anthology Carnal Machines). I had a blast reading this particular one because it's a humorous story, and thank goodness the audience laughed in all the right places :-)

If you want to take part in the Pleasure Hunt, the other links you need to go to today are:

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Happy hunting!

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