Saturday, 29 December 2012

2012 in the rearview mirror

It's that time of year again, when we take a glance backward before looking forward. So here goes:

Picture of the Year:

Okay, this one is very personal, but my dog Caspian (the one who got shot) featured as Mr December in the Tia Charity Calendar for 2012, so I am very proud of him!

Best Movie:

I watched 28 movies in 2012. Fantasy and SF seem to be back in vogue. Here's my top 5 (in order of personal enjoyment rather than quality):

"I'm-so-pissed-off" disappointment of the year was Batman: the Dark Knight Rises - very cruelly and accurately summed up here. My expectations were set too high.

Best Music:

I've been listening to the King Charles CD Loveblood over and over again as I drive. Kasabian's Velociraptor gets an honourable 2nd place.

Best TV:

Game of Thrones. No argument. I love it.

Best Eyecandy Pic of the Year:

Oddly, this one. Simple ... yet effective, I feel.

Best Book Not Counting "A Game of Thrones":

I bought it for Mr Ashbless at Christmas and I'm still in the middle of reading it, but it's already won. I keep wanting to read bits out loud at people.

Wisest Words:

And if you want a good example of that, try this.

Here's to the unknowable thrills of 2013!

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