Thursday, 2 August 2012

Foreign affairs

My contributor copy of "Foreign Affairs," out now from Xcite Books :-)

So, I'm back from my Foreign Affairs - for the moment anyway - and I'm suntanned and all aglow (yay!) ... and half a stone heavier (boo!). I've been to six different countries. I have eaten a load of pizza. I have swum in the Mediterranean Sea and a lake and a sulphur spring. I have discovered that the Maned Wolf reeks of cannabis! I've driven under the Alps and the English Channel. I have stayed in a yurt and seen camels, though possibly not where you'd expect to find them ...

And now I'm back, with pictures of Tombs and Towers and Tesserae to show, and some exciting publishing news to reveal when it's confirmed. While I've been away, several anthologies including my short stories have come out, so I've got excerpts to post. Ayeeeeee ... how will I ever catch up?

Well, I'm going to start with this fab review of Named and Shamed over at the Erotica Readers and Writers Association - big thanks to Ashley Lister :-)

I can't find a permalink so here it is in full:

"This is an awful lot of fun. I grew up in an era when I was supposed to go to bed with a fairy story and enjoy the fantastical tales of other worlds and the creatures that lived therein. Named and Shamed helped me recapture those fond memories but from the perspective of an adult who also enjoys the erotic titillation of characters exploring their hedonistic natures.

Written by the incredibly talented Janine Ashbless, illustrated by the stylish and talented John LaChatte, Named and Shamed is pitched as a ‘Dark and Dirty Fairy Tale’ and this succinctly describes the content.

The basic premise is that our heroine, Tansy, has stolen a manuscript relating to her studies into the magical worlds of mythical creatures. Tansy is a wonderful real-world heroine and her story in this magical world is an absolute delight.

From the vivid description, through to the strong characterisation, through to the plot that makes you want to stay awake into the early hours of the morning – Named and Shamed is one of the most fun reading experiences you will have this year.

Meet Tansy, follow her adventures, and look out for future Janine Ashbless titles."

"Named and Shamed" spotted in Paddington Station by Kay Jaybee!


Chris said...

Great to have you back Janine!

Kay said...

Glad you liked pic!! Nothing like seeing your work, or a friend's work, on a bookshop shelf!! Kay xx

Janine Ashbless said...

Hi Chris - so you missed me? Hopefully I will make up for the lack of Eyecandy Mondays with, um, camel pics ... ;-)

Janine Ashbless said...

Kay, thanks for the pic! It brought a warm glow to the cockles of my WH Smiths :-)

Jennifer Denys said...

Thank goodness you are back - I've missed your blogs!!! Sounds like you had a great trip, and congrats on review.


Janine Ashbless said...

Thanks Jen :-)