Monday, 6 August 2012

Eyecandy Monday: faster, higher, stronger, hotter

Federica Pellegrini and ... OMG ... boyfriend Filippo Magnini, both swimmers
When I was watching the recording of the parade the Olympic opening ceremony, I found myself rather overwhelmed by the number of fit, beautiful young people the world has to offer! Luckily for the rest of us second-rate mortals, many of them just can't wait to get their kit off and let us admire the bodies of which they may be justly proud.

Victoria Pendleton, cycling
 Some do it to promote Fairtrade Coffee too ...

Louise Hazel, heptathlon

So here's a selection of my favourite Olympic Eyecandy, although you really want to be over at this website, where there are many more, displayed to better advantage.

Philips Idowu, triple jump
Maya Nakanishi, paralympic sprinter
Gregor Tait, swimmer
Carmelita Jeter, sprinter

Louis Smith, pommel horse gymnast
Ronda Rousey, judo
Danell Leyva, gymnastics

Anna Tunnicliffe, sailing

But I can't help having a special warm spot for Jessica Ennis, gold-medal heptathlon champion despite being only 5'5". She's just so cute!

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