Friday, 24 February 2012

Shorts coming down

I've barely recovered from a tipsy night at the Naked Muse preview and I'm off to take part in the More Bang Charity Reading Slam tonight, so I have to go practice my reading, but there's just time to catch up with story sale news.

I've sold three shorties (all around 1500 words) to Harlequin Spice: they're going to appear in a book edited by Alison Tyler but I don't have a title or a cover or a line-up or a publication date (given it's Harlequin ... probably not any time real soon). I believe there are going to be 69 short-short stories in the anthology. Mine are called Attic MomentLove, Honour and Obey; and Hare Coursing.

I have an outrageous BDSM story called Teppanyaki in Anything For You: kinky couples erotica (ed. Rachel Kramer Bussel) and due out in August. Teppanyaki,  if you haven't tried it, is a Japanese style of hotplate cooking and my story is about a dinner party that would NOT feature on "Come Dine with Me."  Heh.

And ALREADY OUT - but we've only just got permission to talk about the books -  are two stories in Mischief e-anthologies:

Issues and Returns, a exhibitionist story about a frustrated librarian (I've been there!) in Exposure: those who love to watch and be watched.

And The Auction, a hardcore fem-sub story in Shameful Thrills: girls who should know better.

More about brand new publisher Mischief and these stories next week, I promise :-)
Now going to shut myself in the bedroom and time myself, *snigger*.


Jeremy Edwards said...

Congratulations on all fronts! (And all backs--unless these shorts are built thong-style?)

I just clicked through to Exposure, which sounds like my kind of collection, at Amazon—did you know that the teaser bit is from your story? (I set it aside to tease myself with later.)

And I'll be your neighbor in the Harlequin shorts. (:v>

Janine Ashbless said...

Yay! We will wear Harlequin shorts together, Jeremy1

And no, I didn't know I got the teaser snippet - how cool is that?