Monday, 6 February 2012

Eyecandy Monday

Red Grow the Roses is released TOMORROW, so no apologies for showcasing my muse for alpha-vampire Reynauld. Way back at the dawn of time, when I finished the first draft of this novel, I put up a post showing what all six of my vampires looked like, so if you want a reminder you can find them all here (and yes, "Jason" became "Ben"!).

The shadows whispered as they flowed in Reynauld's wake. He looked down into my face. ‘Am I presentable?’

Of course, he couldn’t check himself in a mirror. His reflection would be nothing but a blur, as if the glass were warped. I reached up a hand to pull a long blonde hair out of his small beard and studied him critically. Dark beard, dark brows, dark eyes, prominent cheekbones. I burned to kiss his lips but I didn’t dare. He’d feel warm to the touch now, I knew, because he’d just fed. ‘You look fine.’

‘You’re nervous.’

‘Am I?’

‘I can hear your heart, remember.’

I looked down, hoping he wouldn’t see the yearning in my eyes. He didn’t like neediness in his women. It was one of the reasons I’d stopped joining him in bed so often: I’d been too fond of being bitten and I’d needed to take control of that. ‘I’m always nervous on these nights,’ said I quite truthfully. ‘I don’t want you to get hurt.’

A smile escaped his lips on a breath: ‘You worry for me, Amanda?’ He touched my face, gently, then drew me into his arms to plant a kiss softly on my forehead and then my hair. I was right; his lips were warm. ‘How can there be anything to worry about? You’ll be there to look after me.’

Not always, thought I. Not forever.

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Jo said...

So looking forward to this.

I'm kind of sad you didn't go for Bendrew though ;)

Janine Ashbless said...

lmao - poor Bendrew ... one day, one day...

I'm definitely going to use Jiarlath though!