Sunday, 5 February 2012

Shameful Thrills

Books are like buses - they all turn up at once!

On the same day that my vampire novel Red Grow the Roses is due out next week (7th Feb), Mischief Press is also releasing Shameful Thrills: girls who should know better on Kindle.

It contains my short story The Auction, and all I can say is that if every story in the collection is as hot and filthy as that one, it's going to melt your e-reader to slag. I really did not hold back for The Auction. The Mischief editor described it as "uncomfortably arousing" and "very much a raw and unfettered exploration of the thrill of shame."

Heh :-)

Quick summary: BDSM, slave auction, fem-sub, rough.

‘We’ve got ourselves a pretty little copperhead here,’ the auctioneer said, taking her elbow and steering her to the front of the stage. His other hand held a sweating beer bottle just as casually. He was a lanky man with a shaved head and tattoos that crawled over every bulge of his muscled arms, and he was miced up so that he didn’t have to raise his voice to be heard. ‘Looks shy, doesn’t she?’

The crowd bayed and jeered.  

She dipped her head, her long hair falling over her face. She couldn’t hide it any other way because her elbows were joined by a twist of rope behind her back, leaving her hands free but tethered helplessly low. The tautness of the rope forced her to arch her back and thrust out her tits and ass – just as they wanted.

‘First time on the block,’ said the auctioneer, grinning. His skin gleamed with sweat. ‘Can you see that blush? She’s practically a virgin.’  

I'll give you a longer excerpt next week...
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