Monday, 27 June 2011

Eyecandy Monday

For my current work-in-progress I've been trying out a new writing regime. Instead of waiting to write until I have a nice clear afternoon with all my chores done (Hah!), I've been waking up, letting the dogs out in the garden, fetching a cup of soy-milk and going back to bed to write for a couple of hours.

This slovenly habit has a number of advantages:  by the time I am actually up, dressed and facing the day, I've got the bulk of my writing target done (sometimes all of it), so I don't grouse around all day feeling guilty and annoyed with that task hanging over my head. It means I'm much more likely to get the work done. And it puts me in a good mood for the day too, creatively and sexually  :-)
Actually prioritising writing is something I need to do more. It should come before everything else ... though sadly it can't always. There are appointments to keep, and irritating petty things like meals.

The bad news is that my blog is getting done later and the dogs aren't getting walked until after lunch. But they'll live ... That's what I tell them anyway ;-)

When do you write?


Jo said...

I like your morning wood theme :)

Late, late at night, usually. It's not very practical or productive.

I miss my laptop in bed :(

Janine Ashbless said...

You can get heatrash from laptops in bed, I found!

Anonymous said...

before everything else? :o

Kat said...

Hoo, never mind the laptops - I've got heatrash just looking at that pic!
I'm most productive (word-wise) as slovenly bed writer, too, Janine. It works for me on the brilliantly simple basis that if I don't get up, I don't see all the chores awaiting attention - and what I can't see, I can't do.

Jo said...

Well, I bought a little laptop rest from Ikea upon which to rest my laptop, thereby avoiding thigh burn.

Sadly, it now laughs at me when I see it, as my laptop is grievously wounded and I can't afford the doctor's bill for it. I'm promising myself I will when I get the Significant Payment I've been waiting on for some time now.

Slovenly bedwriters of the world unite!

t'Sade said...

I have two times I really can write. The first is in the morning, from about 07:30 and 07:50. On a good day, I get about a 1k word block done. That is also private and uninterrupted because the wifetype and Spawn are still sleeping and they won't wake up before I go to work (at 08:00).

The other, which is far more interrupted is when the Spawn goes to sleep at 22:00 until about midnight. But, then I'm usually watching TV with Fluffy and doing that whole dinner thing, so I only get about 20-30 minutes spread out over the two hours and maybe get 200-400 words at best.

Now, if I had that under my sheet in the bed, I wouldn't get any writing done in the morning. :D

Janine Ashbless said...

It works for me on the brilliantly simple basis that if I don't get up, I don't see all the chores awaiting attention Yes! Yes! It's the truth, Kat!

Janine Ashbless said...

before everything else?

Well, yes. I feel that if I was really serious about my writing I should be able to ditch everything else - friends, obligations, social convention, comfort, relationships, all the other joy in my life. Some people can do it. They are driven, obsessive high-achievers and part of me admires that hugely. They do extraordinary things for their art.

But like Jo and t'Sade and Kat and most other writers I'm not actually like that. Obsessive high-achievers pay for what they achieve - they're usually socially disfunctional, bitter and divorced. And they die alone.

Whereas I aim to die happy, preferably in the sack surrounded by wonderful people...