Wednesday, 9 February 2011

On sale now: Nice Girls, Naughty Sex


Taking both writers and editors a bit by surprise, Nice girls, Naughty Sex is suddenly now available in the flesh (or the paper), Stateside.  I haven't got a copy yet, but I'm sure it's full of nice girls ... er ... being naughty - well, it has to be, because Jeremy is in it too with his story Eastern Daylight Time, and he is the go-to guy for nice 'n' naughty.

The full line-up of stories and authors is here. This anthology has 4 sections: Vanilla, Dirty Martini (kinky stuff), Licorice Whips (BDSM), and Oysters (lesbian/bi). It's edited by the glorious Jordan LaRousse and Samantha Sade, who own and edit Oysters and Chocolate.

Argh. I am having food cravings...

Before I go raid the cupboard, I'd better remind you  that my story is called Good Doggy. And here's an excerpt:

'I watch that Dog Whisperer show,' I confided, putting the photo frame carefully back in place. 'You know. That Cesar Millan guy.'

'Uhuh?' He lifted his hand to stroke the nape of my neck and I luxuriated in the shiver that rippled down my spine.

'I've got a bit of a thing for him. I know he's, like, a bit old and stuff, but there's just something about him. The way he just gets all those crazy dogs to do exactly what he wants, so calmly. It's like magic.'

'You want to be one of his doggies?' Craig suggested, teasingly. We were both smiling, but at his words something stirred inside me. I looked up at him from under my lashes.

'I'd be a good doggy.'

'Really?' He tickled me under the chin. 'You wouldn't chase the neighbours' cats? I wouldn't have to smack you with a rolled-up newspaper?'

The implied threat made my sex clench and flutter unexpectedly.

'Sometimes, maybe,' I admitted. 'I suppose I'd be bound to be naughty occasionally. But I'd try to be good.'

Craig put a hand on my waist to draw me to him. He'd forgotten to take off his jacket when we came in; his scarf was still draped about his neck. I nuzzled up to his shoulder, still watching his face, and took the scarf between my teeth. As I started to tug his eyebrows rose, but I grinned slyly and pulled the cloth free, retreating and shaking my head from side to side.

'Bad girl,' he said, a grin creeping to his lips. 'Drop it Beth!' He reached for the scarf and I dodged, skipping behind the coffee table. Craig lunged after me and I yipped through the fabric - well, I tried to yip: it came out more as a squeal - and gave him the slip. Round and round the table he chased me, until at last, inevitably, he caught the flying end of the scarf. For a moment we tugged it back and forth between us, him gripping with his hand and me with my teeth. I growled and rolled my eyes. 'Bad doggy!' he snapped, then bundled me bodily onto the sofa, pinning me beneath him. I let go of the scarf at last, laughing and gasping for breath. Craig buried his face in my throat, mouthing me. 'Oh god Beth,' he groaned: 'you're a bad bad girl.'

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And, btw, this is what happens if you go searching for Doggy and Jumping Out of a Cake pictures:


Fulani said...

That's cool, and congratulations on the book. I have to say the title of the post (and the book) made me laugh due to purely private (well almost private) associations. When Velvet got the details for her story, due out tomorrow as it happens, she ended up with a string of emails in which the subject line ran 'Contract for Sex at Work', 'Payment for Sex at Work', etc. I had a lot of nice-girl-naughty-sex images in my head as a result...

Janine Ashbless said...

A good job Velvet's e-mail system wasn't censoring naughty titles!

Jeremy Edwards said...

Doggone it, Janine—you sure know how to get the reader's tail wagging!

he is the go-to guy for nice 'n' naughty

Aw, thanks!

Janine Ashbless said...

Jeremy , I hope many many people go to you for naughtiness this year!