Monday, 28 February 2011

Eyecandy Monday

Well, they say a change is as good as a rest. I hope it's true, because that wasn't the most tranquil of holidays I've just got back from. It ended with us running the entire length of Geneva Airport, having barely made it in time thanks to the bloody transfer company. Man, I am not fit enough for that sort of thing.

I will show you pictures of some of the lovely bits (of the holiday, not of Geneva Airport) when I recover from my jitters.


Jo said...

Gah, I HATE that!! Airport stress is the worst - you need another holiday to recover from it. I hope the rest of the holiday was ok. Lake District next time? ;)

Nice bit of faceless objectified manmeat there for the monday morning :)

Emerald said...

Glad you're home safely, Janine!

Chris said...

And those are the reasons they have to use threats to get me to go on holidays.

Welcome back!

Janine Ashbless said...

Thanks guys! I'm glad to be back too.
Uh, no I'm not. Been looking longingly at photos and wishing I'd done more.

Mr Ashbless and I were theorising this morning that if you travel too far and fast, by plane for example, a bit of your soul gets left behind and takes ages to catch up. Hence the disorientation, the inevitable illnesses and the wild dreams for the first few days after returning.

Erobintica said...

"show you pictures of some of the lovely bits" - LOL, just remove that shirt or whatever is in the way of the lovely bits in this photo. hahahaha

hope your souls catch up soon!

Madeline Moore said...

your eyecandy is to die for,