Sunday, 28 November 2010


In honour of my brand new sofa (which comes with minutely detailed illustrations showing how to put a cushion cover on a cushion) I bring you - in a fearsome testosterone-laden battle of the singer-songwriters - not one but two songs about IKEA!

In the red corner we have Mitch Benn, BBC troubadour, with his metal anthem:

And in the blue corner we have the awesome sounds of Jonathan "Code Monkey" Coulton:

Let the Flatpack Frenzy commence!


Jo said...

Godspeed. I wish you all the parts you need! And that everything goes on righsideup the first time round!

Jo said...

Ahahah, rhyming Norsemen with divorced men is good. Depressing, but good :)

Jeremy Edwards said...

I've always thought IKEA was sexy (all those groovy little bedrooms), and I was pleased to discover some time back that another author had written IKEA erotica!

Madeline Moore said...

There's a Canadian songstress, Nancy White, who penned a little ditty for her album "Momnipotent." In the song her life is great until she goes to IKEA to buy a futon.

The name of the song is "Everything Turned to Rat Shit in My Life"

ps - My website is up! Come see me and my writer pals at and enter to win autographed books from me, Felix Baron, Laurie Clayton and Michael Crawley.

Janine Ashbless said...

IKEA erotica! And I thought it was just me that wanted to try every bed!

Love the new avatar btw, Jeremy!

And well, Madeline ... Futons. what did she expect? It's like self-torture.

Danielle said...

is there something worse then ikea on a saturday???

anyway..i love kiea to shop for candles and frames...frames..i mean..i m addicted to frames:-)

Jeremy Edwards said...

Love the new avatar btw, Jeremy!

Thank you! I created it using a Mad Men online tool. I don't actually watch the show, but I love early-sixties aesthetics and was delighted to find that they had my nose, chin, and hat in stock.

Janine Ashbless said...

Oh yes, Danielle: IKEA candles ... and houseplants (though i manage to kill those) ...

I always wanted one of those bunkbeds they do with a double bed on top - I mean, how awesome is that for adults who refuse to grow up? But alas, you need a room with about 20ft of ceiling clearance.