Friday, 12 November 2010

Calendar Boys

See this video? Following the publication of my rowing story In Appreciation of their Cox, my editor at Ellora's Cave couldn't resist pointing out to everyone that Mills and Boon are selling a 2011 charity calendar themed around the Leander Rowing Club. Heh heh. Some impressive abs there!

But hold on - what if my heart is set on the Dieux du Stade calendar for 2011? Will I have to have both, on opposite walls? Will the space in between become a sort of microwave hotspot for muscular male inspiration? Will it make my head explode?

Of course, the calendar I really want everyone to get is this one:

You can buy it here. All proceeds go to lazy greyhounds in need of love and a good home.

And these are my two rescued lazydogs, hogging the bed as usual:



Danielle said...

i want one!!! a dog..not a calendar to be honest because calendars are a no no in casa de santiago because..i dont like them..sure i raley known the date..let alone the day of the week..but..lets face it..most of the i dont know even where i am..or if its day or night because light is also a rare thing in my house....but a dog would be so great..especially one of thos elazy greyhounds?...i mean..i still remeber when you showed the picture of your dog after he failed to bake a cake...ah..i still could give that dog a hug for looking all so sad and ..sad! my heart really beats for dogs...somehow...but i cant have a dog..because i live in the city...and i have a white sofa/couch..and dont have enough time to care propperly for a dog..:-(((...sure as f*** there will be no calendar on my walls but maybe i can steal a pretty dog picn from you, janine, and frame it and look at it in awaiting of the day when i move to the countryside and trow out that white hell of a sofa...oh jo..shhhhhhhh..let a boy dream:-))

Danielle said...

oh wait..i might also need light then..for the dog i mean...but..if they are lazy dogs they sleep all day and might be okay with candle light???

Janine Ashbless said...

Careful with those candles Danielle - they'll knock them over with their whippy tails if you don't put the candles out of reach.
And honestly - a white sofa? What sort of a genius idea is that? It's nearly as bad as having white carpets!

Greyhounds are prone to looking sad. Especially when they want food. There is one staring tragically at me right now ... I'd better go feed him...

Beth said...

I think the calendars would either create a standing-wave effect (sometimes you're twice as inspired, sometimes they cancel each other out) or it'd like an echo chamber or time loop?