Friday, 3 September 2010

Now that's my idea of a fun weekend

Yes, I'm off to play Dungeons & Dragons  :-)

We've been playing this particular campaign for ... oh, years. Years and years. Several of us have moved house in that time and one of us has got married. Yet Dragonlance goes on, a constant in our lives.

I suppose one day it will have to end - and then we'll start a new game. After all, we've known each other since 1987. We bicker about rules. We share jokes that mean nothing to anyone outside our group. We reminisce about travels together both in the real world and imaginary ones. We argue about movies, as we span the range from trash action thrillers to arthouse. We try to avoid getting into stand-up rows about politics (well, usually). We cook experimental and amazing meals for each other and whine at (1) the vegetarians, and (2) the guy who will only eat meat. We occasionally get drunk and a bit maudlin.

We may be growing old together, but we will never really grow up.


Jo said...

That's so nice, Janine. Have fun :)

Chris said...

Where did you get the picture?

And who let the naked chicks into the role playing room? They'll only knock something over...

(Have you run across "I hit it with my axe"? - Video diary of a role playing group consisting entirely of porn stars).

Beth said...

You're so lucky! Apart from Tom, my D&D group isn't anything like so good-looking. ;-)

t'Sade said...

*sigh* I miss my gaming group in Illinois. It was filled with quirky people who had a lot of history together.

And they were nice and dirty (well, pretty much every game I run is dirty after a month). Always fun when you end an adventure with some month downtime and you get questions like "the dragon god I had sex with, could I get pregnant with his child?" or "I'm going to see if the two sisters are both interested in me, we have a few months, right?" Or "roleplaying" a scene from a game session with Fluffy where she got DP'd by two truck drivers (Shadowrun, she was the rigger).

I miss that so much. But, I love the picture, though our group would have been closer to the reverse since I usually had 2 women for every male in my campaigns.

Janine Ashbless said...

quirky people who had a lot of history together
Oh - one of the deep joys of life. And even us socially inept introverts can experience it. I value my gaming friends so much, maybe even more as I get older.

Janine Ashbless said...

It's true Beth. The guy in the Star Wars shirt looks actually pretty fuckable.