Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Dear Dr Ruth

I recently discovered that my husband likes to watch Glee.

Now he tells me that, for his birthday,  he wants us to go have a cream tea and catch a live musical.

Should I be worried?


Craig Sorensen said...

Not at all. We men need to be in touch with our gentler side.

I've been known to watch Top Design, the US TV show where a bunch of clothing designers compete for a big money prize to start their own label. I know who's who on it and cheer when the subversive drama queens get booted off.

I like the occasional musical and have been caught watching chick flicks.

To Mr. A, "you go girl!" ;-)

Danielle said...

hmmm...i hate musicals...also whuuusicals...but a certain blogland person is always accusing me for liking " girly music"! yes...can you believe that???? :-)

ps: what is Glee about? i dont watch tv but also this hasnt made its way over to germany yet...the show i mean

Jo said...

I've flicked past Glee a couple times and it seems to be the same every time - the mean butch PE teacher in the tracksuit is bullying someone by asserting her power or picking on their weak points in a monotone.

The strange faced, almost attractive but weird nosed and starey male teacher is glaring at her but failing to assert himself, and then going to do jazz hands with his bunch of students.

The music bits are so cringeworthy I want to climb out of my skin and run away rather than be forced to watch them.

I officially Do Not Get It.

Where's Buffy?? I mean, for fuck's sake, what's wrong with people.

I love your comment, Craig :)

What is a whuuusical, Girly Dan?

Janine Ashbless said...

Heh heh heh.

Thank you Craig! I am reassured ;-)
Also the muscial we are going to watch is Avenue Q, which is all about muppets and porn on the internet (it says here) so it should be great.

Dan and Jo, I'm not really sure what the lure of Glee is myself, since I've only seen half an episode. But it's supposed to be brilliant, if you like that siort of thing.
Buffy? She got a job as a waitress, changed her accent and her show is now called True Blood.

Jo said...

I dunno, the whole appeal of Buffy was the teen thing, the 'don't sleep with your boyfriend or he'll turn into a demon and say mean things to you' kitsch. True Blood is that bit more grown up. But, eys, a nice progression.

It's really Danielle's womany music I am surprised by, not so much the girly.

I read good things about Avenue Q, Janine. Hope you have fun and a dressy uppy night out in town :)