Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Blond ambition

Last night I watched the last episode of mini-series The Deep (downloadable if you live in the UK only, I'm afraid, and you'll have to hurry). It's a nu-cold-war/oil thriller set in the waters under the Arctic ice and it's ... okay, yeah. It was made very much more of a "must view" for me by the presence of ex-Spetsnaz Russian submarine mechanic Arkady. He's played by a German actor, Tom Wlaschiha.

I haven't really ever written a blond hero in my erotic romance. Grey, yes. Dark, loads of times. Even a redhead with dreadlocks. But blonds have had short shrift from me, reduced to single-act characters in a few short stories. I can see that this is about to change. He just looked so goddamn good bruised and desperate - and you know how mean I like to treat my heroes!

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