Monday, 18 May 2009

Eyecandy Monday

For those of you who prefer a more masculine arse to that in the previous post:
Here's a roundup of some positive news:

For those of you wondering what happened to my Arabian Nights novel Heart of Flame, it has been read by the editor at CatScratch and she promises me a list of changes/corrections soon.

My short story The High Ground (the one starring Eric Stoltz, ahem) has been accepted for the Black Lace anthology The Affair, to be published in November this year. The High Ground is about a woman who thinks her husband is having an affair with his best friend's wife, so she decides to tell the best friend. Oops...

I've belatedly discovered TwoLips Reviews, which has very nice reviews of Wildwood: ("I love the blend of the paranormal and love; Wildwood is a fantastic journey, full of hot steamy moments, sometimes with over the top sex, and enough mystery to keep you wanting more.") plus Magic & Desire, Enchanted, and Lust at First Bite - thank you TwoLips!

And the indefatigable Lucy Felthouse has a nice review of Seduction up, describing it as "the hottest Black Lace title to date", plus there are a slew of reviews of Playing With Fire over here on its dedicated blog.

Oh, and this review of Frenzy showed up on Amazon:

"The 60 short erotic stories in this novel centered around the theme of sex that happens quickly or unexpectedly. My hands-down favorite was Pirate Treasure by Janine Ashbless. Two extras in a pirate movie hook up during the filming of a tavern scene, with no one around them the wiser. I re-read this story twice, it still elicited the same visceral reaction. Hot, hot, hot! Nikki Magennis contributed two very short-shorts, Madrid and Sweets, that read like beautiful erotic poems ... I loved Alison Tyler's own contribution, [...] about a man who's worked his way through all the waitresses at his favorite bar. The new girl knows he's bad news, but she also knows he'll be completely worth the trouble. With 60 stories to choose from, there were far too many I liked to mention them all. Even the few stories that didn't appeal to me personally were well-written. The majority of the stories are heterosexual pairings, with just a few gay or lesbian stories in the mix. I would recommend this book to friends based on the variety and excellent writing."

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