Monday, 11 May 2009

Eyecandy Monday

So sue me. I think it's very hot indeed.

I was doing some research yesterday on Cage Fighting (oops - "Mixed Martial Arts" - you don't want to annoy anyone who knows 800 ways to kill you without even picking up a weapon) for one of the stories/chapters in Red Grow the Roses. It was very educational: I can now use phrases like "ground and pound" in a semi-knowledgeable way. And then I was relaxing late last night with a bit of channel-hopping and Lo! there it was on Freeview: The Ultimate Fighter! I didn't even know it was televised here, but such synchronicities are surprisingly common when you're writing, I find.

Gosh, it was interesting. I was most struck by how exhausting it was: by the end of the 5 minute bout the fighters were sagging in each other's arms like drunken dancers (while trying to knee each other. Slowly). One loser had to have 4 broken teeth pulled out of his gumshield with pliers. But I'm glad to report the good-looking guys won both bouts I watched.

Talking of Red Grow the Roses - have you seen the wordcount bar on the right? I started writing the book on , um, the 17th April, and I'm already officially a third of the way through! Holy cow!!! This is totally unprecedented for me. I'm not actually a very fast writer - if I manage 2000 words in a day it's quite exceptional - but what I have been this time is really consistent.

Here's to hot sweaty warriors of both genders...