Friday, 1 May 2009

Merry Month of May Book Giveaway

Happy Mayday! And welcome to the 200th POST and my first Book Giveaway on this blog, which will hopefully put sap in your stems and ribbons round your Maypoles...

This is my Spare Book Box. Full, isn't it? So I have at least one copy of each of the filthy books listed below to give to readers. Free! For nothing! There's got to be a catch, surely?

Well, there is actually. Just a little one.

I need some more reviews up on public websites - particularly Amazon US and Amazon UK, but there's Barnes & Noble and LoveHoney and Waterstones and probably others. I want people looking at my booklists to have some idea of what they should buy and why.

So all I'm asking is that if I send you a book and you like it when you get round to reading it, that you put up a positive review on a bookseller's website of your choice. It doesn't have to be gushy unstinted praise (although that would certainly warm my ego) but something thoughtful and positive would be hugely appreciated.

All you have to do at the moment is drop a comment here telling me which book(s) you'd like, and which site you're likely to post the review on. No addresses, please. I'll be back on Tuesday (with some delayed Eyecandy) to sort out who got what.

And if you've already got all my books and keep them in gold-edged wipe-clean covers in a special velvet-lined box ... well PLEASE write me a nice review anyway: Authors love you for doing that!

Cruel Enchantment:

My first collection of short stories, all with paranormal, fairy-tale or fantasy themes. Black Lace calls it "a stunning collection of unique and breathtakingly beautiful erotic fairy tales. Seductive, dazzling and strange." Contains the infamous story about the dragon!! (and an undead story that is not to everyone's taste - you have been warned). Let's see ... there are Greek gods, rugged warriors, succubi, magicians, wicked stepmothers, a very scary teenaged princess and a whole bunch of medieval werewolves. Some f/f, F/m, spanking, non-human (obviously), threesomes, romance and an orgy.

Dark Enchantment:

This year's follow-up short story collection. Again, all have paranormal or fantasy themes. Black Lace describes it as "seductive and stylishly written stories that will tease, tempt and transport you to fantastic realms where dreams - and nightmares - can come true." There's a steampunk one, and a ghost story that Madellyne Ellis raved over, a djinn, a minotaur, Death .... and the Devil. M/f, F/m, cuckolding, romance, plus a femsub gangbang story.

Divine Torment:

This is a fantasy novel, but low fantasy (swords and sandals, not magic and elves). Black Lace describes it as "Like Gladiator set in a mythical realm" and that's pretty accurate. General Veraine is sent to hold a city against the oncoming barbarian hoard, and promptly falls for the forbidden high priestess of the Goddess of the Cruel Earth. Is she a divine incarnation or human? Will she return his passion? Will they ever get it together, since everyone in the city is trying to stop them? You'll like this one if you like: Spartans, ethnic tension, The Tombs of Atuan.

Burning Bright:

A direct sequel to Divine Torment, but can be read seperately as the two lovers have run away to a jungle realm and then been split up. Veraine, injured, has lost all memory of who he is and knows only that he must search out a woman he does not remember. She meantime has been captured by the inhuman Tiger Lords and must survive the cruelty and madness of their palace and bring down their reign.

I really want at least one decent review of this up on because at the moment there's a particularly poisonous review that claims "the entire book is about the heroine being tortured and raped as a slave" - which is an outright f**king lie. She doesn't get raped. Not once. I promise you, and I should bloody know. She has to go through some fairly scary and painful stuff, but so does he. My heroes are tough.


A contemporary fantasy set in Britain's West Country. Avril is a landscape gardener torn between her sexy but bad (Boo! Hiss!) boss Michael (who wants something mysterious that is hidden in the wood on his estate) and the sexy but distinctly odd dreadlocked tree-hugger Ash who is trying at all costs to stop Michael getting into the wood. Both men are sorcerors, it turns out. And the wood is full of fairies. Really nasty fairies. What are they fighting over? Who will Avril choose? What the hell happens after the book finishes? You'll like this one if you like: The Weirdstone of Brisingamen.

Magic and Desire:

Three novellas: a romantic fairy story by Portia Da Costa, a high fantasy with dragons by Olivia Knight, and my story The House of Dust which is set at the dawn of civilisation, in Mesopotamia, and is about a priestess's descent into the Land of the Dead in order to bring back her murdered king. Quite dark, lots of femsub - again, a tough heroine who will endure anything to get what she truly wants. You'll like this one if you like ... uh ... The Epic of Gilgamesh, stuff by Mary Renault, that sort of thing.

1) You have to be an existing customer to post on or but I don't know about the other sites.
2) You can post an Amazon review without revealing your real name/account/e-mail. Charlotte Stein showed me how to do that this week, so it's definitely possible.


Cora Zane said...

I'd be happy to review Cruel Enchantments! I have accounts at both BN and Amazon. *thumbs up*

Janine Ashbless said...

Whooohoo! First offer! You'll definitely get one Cora - come back Tues to find out how.

Anonymous said...

I'd be happy to review Dark Enchantments if you are looking for someone. I have an account at Amazon and can easily set one up on BN. Just let me know.
Thanks ~ Gigi

Charlotte Stein aka The Mighty Viper said...

As you're probably aware, I have all of the above books. I've reviewed both Dark Enchantment and Enchanted: Erotic Fairytales on Amazon, but I've been meaning to review Cruel Enchantment and slap it on my Listmania list for about a decade.

I shall now go forth and do so. And this is a great idea, Janine. It's exactly what I was thinking of doing with my extra copy of Liaisons, and my own book when it comes out- though I was going to go with link to a review you've done of a BL book and be in with a chance...

BL books in general need more reviewing. Which is why I love Lucy Felthouse.

Justine Elyot said...

Ooh, I haven't got Wildwood. Am I allowed to take part? Can I do that one?

Madeline Moore said...

Oh God I want the either of the two short story collections especially the new one!
Amazon has a policy that you have to have purchased from them to post reviews, and since I'm in freakin' Canada I can only post reviews, presently,on We also have tho, Janine...

I'm protesting Amazon's policy when it comes to authors, and also running a contest on my blog, right now, and if the winner is American I'm seriously considering buying my own freakin' book from and having it shipped to the winner, just so I can post reviews.

Perhaps other authors might complain about not being able to post on unless they're american, which is really what their policy amounts to. I think at least authors who have purchased from Amazon in their own countries should be able to post on all Amazon sites.

Amy S. said...

I would like to read Cruel Enchantment. I post reviews on my blog or Amazon.

Caffey said...

Hi. I'd love to do Magic and Desire. Thanks. I'll too go post on BURNING BRIGHT soon. I bought that one and I'll pull up to read now and put that review up for you.


Erin said...

I'd love to post a review for "Magic and Desire" on Amazon (I have accounts for both uk and us, can just post the same in both places right?)

Amanda said...

I too have accounts with Amazon and BN. I love your work and would love to write a great review for you. I will enter the contest to win a book!!!