Friday, 7 December 2018

When I was 51...

... I hefted a golden eagle!
Every year, soon after my birthday, I like to take a look back at stuff I've done for the first time EVER, in order to ensure that I'm not too deep into my middle-aged rut.

Here goes with this year just past ... when I was 51:

For the very first time IN MY LIFE:

  • I drove a BMW Z4 35is convertible sports car (bright red, of course)
  • I got a photographic driver's license instead of the tatty old paper thing I'd had since a teenager
  • I acquired a smartphone!
  • And bought a blu-ray player (not yet plugged in, I admit)
  • We moved into a house that's actually big enough to hold all our books. (This is it, Peak House ... next stop is a nursing home)

  • I thus became the owner of some chandeliers. Still getting rid of them...
  • I stained my deck. It took 4 days and lasted less than 4 months, so I'm pretty pissed off about that, believe me
  • I used a supermarket scan-as-you-shop handheld device. It's like Star Trek, I tell you!

  • I ate a fortune cookie
  • I visited Uzebkistan, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan
  • I attended our local Parish Council meeting ( which was one of the most horrifically poisonous, bitter, unpleasant public exchanges I've ever seen. Jesus Christ on a bike...)
  • I visited Intensive Care in a hospital ... in fact I spent a lot of time hospital visiting 😔
  • I delivered a eulogy at a family funeral
  • I used Discord to play new-to-me RPG Numenera 

  • I was commissioned to write a professional RPG scenario
  • I went to the Edgelit convention, which may be my favourite now
  • I had three dark fantasy stories published! (That's more than my erotica count this year ... the house move and family obligations really slowed me down I'm afraid)

  • I picked the stories for a Sexy Little Pages anthology:

Now the hard editing work begins...
  • I joined FreeCycle and the National Trust
  • I bought a hanging basket for the front door, and a rotary dryer for the garden
  • I hand-sewed some curtains
  • I lit a Yankee Candle ... 

Shit, what was that about a middle-aged rut?!

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