Thursday, 8 February 2018

New House Pics

We've got a new house! I am now the proud owner of this view from my flat-roof balcony!

 Also this thrilling crack in the aforesaid flat roof:

 This wallpaper:

This chandelier:

Argh... SO MANY chandeliers...
Several slightly unnerving statues:


"Are you sure we're not in a horror scenario?"
And the bath canopy of your nightmares:

No kidding: I'm too scared to take a bath
We're going to take some considerable time decorating, it seems. Or else just vanish mysteriously, leaving nothing but a note saying "It's inside the wallpaper! It's coming for me! Ah! The angles! The Anaglypta! "


Madeline Moore said...

Pretty fabulous, Janine! Not THAT spooky - and I'm a major wimp. I think I'd take a bath, eventually...

Kryssie Fortune said...

NOt sure what the monster in the bathroom is, but your view is amazing. You can always change decor.