Monday, 25 November 2019

Blue Monday: Meet My Husband

Mondays are days on which I post a sexy excerpt for your entertainment!

Today I've got a bit of publishing news to go with the snippet because my story
Meet My Husband is going to be the first in the lineup of Hot to the Touch, edited by Cole Riley. It'll be out from Cleis in April 2020 - AND OMG LOOK AT THE TABLE OF CONTENTS! It's like all my old co-smutters getting together for a party 😍😍😍

Meet My Husband - Janine Ashbless
Ghost Swinger - Amanda Earl
The Dinner Party - Remittance Girl
Because of Bingo - Rebecca M. Kyle
Bob & Carol & Ted (But Not Alice) - M. Christian
Homecoming - Teresa Noelle Roberts
Snakefruit - Anne Tourney
Him - Sommer Madsen
Speed Play - Abigail Ekue
Between Two Lovers - Thomas S.. Roche
Reminder - Jeremy Edwards
Sleeper Car - Max Lagos
The Benefit of the Doubt - Cole Riley
One Last Fling - Kristina Wright

It doesn’t matter what you heard in the past, because Hot to the Touch: Views from the Polyamory Lifestyle is changing the rules. Three isn’t a crowd anymore—it’s the most erotic party your x-rated mind can imagine!

This new collection from well-known editor Cole Riley propels readers into the heads, hearts, and libidos of lovers committed to the Poly Life, open relationships, open communication, and open bedroom doors. With stories from those just beginning to explore the poly lifestyle to those that have years of experience pleasing multiple partners—in or out of the bedroom, together or separately—this collection will arouse your senses and make you yearn for your own menagerie of sexual partners, lovers, and so much more.

Jeff cleared his throat, his eyes flicking back and forth between them. He was on Andrew's home territory, after all. “Look, I'm going to be straight here. She adores you. She still fucks you. You've got this…” He gestured around at the garden, the house, the sunny afternoon. “This great life together. I've got to wonder: what am I bringing to the table?”

“Andrew doesn't run,” Cassie said. “And he doesn't go see Whitesnake.”

“And,” said Andrew, “I don't do kink.”

Jeff looked at him dubiously down the neck of his bottle, which made Cassie giggle.

“I don't spank,” her husband said. “Pain squicks me out. I can't fake dominance. Sorry, just not my thing. Poor Cassie finds it very frustrating. Not a kinky bone in my body.”

“Oh—not exactly true,” Cassie said, poking him in the leg with one finger.

Jeff's puzzled frown met his amused smile at the level of his eyes, crinkling the skin. “Yeah?”

“He likes to watch,” Cassie said.

Andrew spread his hands in a gesture of acquiescence. “Well. I'm a lecturer in Fine Arts,” he excused himself.

“His girlfriend's a nude life-model. And a pole-dancer. She likes to flash it about, and Andrew loves to go watch her showing off.”

Jeff pointed a finger. “Wait. You've got a girlfriend too?”

“Didn't Cassie tell you?”

“Uh-uh. Is she, uh…with you too, Cass?”

“No.” This wasn't a lie, though she felt her cheeks warm. Cassie didn't lie to her lovers. Spanking didn't count as sex, she had decided. It wasn't as if she was into other women—she just enjoyed paddling Kayleigh's pretty ass. It wasn't sex if she never even got her hands dirty, was it?

“And you're okay with that?”

“I like her,” Cassie said. “She's a nice kid. She likes to go to horrible modern art exhibitions with Andy while not wearing anything under her skirt.”


She rolled her eyes. “Kayleigh's twenty-eight…and a single mother. Sorry, at my age almost everyone seems young. Even you.”

“There's only seven years difference,” he reminded her. “And you're not old yet.” He winked. “I've seen you naked, remember?”

She blew him a kiss for his gallantry.

“How did you two hit it off?” Andrew wondered. Cassie waited for Jeff’s version.

“Uh…We were at a Sunday park-run. I'd only started a few months beforehand, so I was very much part of the main herd. The thing I've found is, if you can spot a fine ass and try to keep it in sight, it somehow makes things a lot easier. I saw this fine round little pair of cheeks come twinkling past me and I just thought, I'm following this. So I did—all the way to the finish line. Hypnotized, I was. My best time to date by miles. Then I said Hi.”

“And did I want to go out for a late breakfast?” Cassie added.

“And that was when she said she was married, over scrambled egg on toast. But that it was alright. Because she was allowed. Which seemed just really weird to me.”

“But you fucked her anyway,” Andrew noted with an amused twinkle. Cassie felt her blush deepen.

Hot to the Touch is available for pre-order here:
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Amazon US
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Wednesday, 6 November 2019

Book launch - Monday 11th November


I will be taking part in the book launch for The Forgotten and the Fantastical #5 next Monday 11th November - hosted by editor Teika Bellamy; all welcome; fantasy NOT erotica; FREE CUPCAKES!

Also features me utterly failing to convey a Geordie accent 😝

It's going on at the Five Leaves independent, radical bookshop in Nottingham, 7pm - 8.30pm. 

The fifth in the series of The Forgotten and the Fantastical brings you wolves and glass and altered reality. A grandmother remembers what it was like to be in the belly of a wolf; a newly wed wife is revolted by her billionaire husband; a mother protects her child from the cunning Folk of the Mound, and women young and old go in search of a better life.

Features new writing from: Becky Cherriman, Noel Chidwick, Carys Crossen, Donna M Day, Rosie Garland, Kim Gravell, Katie Gray, Sarah Hindmarsh, Jonty Levine, Keris McDonald, Angela Readman, Louise Richards, Marija Smits, Aliya Whiteley.

"Mind-blowingly gorgeous – filled with wickedly powerful girls and women, playing games with words and songs and gender roles. It feels like reading a collection of stories that were expurgated from the Grimm collections for being too radical. Utterly loved it." - Cassandra Parkin (author of New World Fairy Tales)