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Blue Monday: Lily Harlem guests

Every Monday I post a sexy excerpt for your entertainment!

Today's guest is Lily Harlem with her new book His Vampire Harem

He's special. He just doesn't know it yet.

Darius Linnet has it all. He's a top male model, he's traveled the world, and everyone wants to either be him or be with him.

But would they really want to walk in his shoes? Because when emotions consume him, heated sparks fly. When he sleeps, his dreams take on an other-worldly twist. And his perfect body—sometimes it doesn't even feel like his own.

Until, that is, he meets a group of sexy, mysterious men who claim they've been searching for him for centuries. He's their savior, apparently, the key to their release from eternal damnation. They love him and they want to show him the pleasure he's been denying himself. There's only one problem: Darius's demon father has other ideas.

His gaze trailed down my body, then back up again. “Okay, press play.”

I did as he’d asked, then silently removed my t-shirt. If I was lucky enough to get close to him I didn’t want clothing in the way.

I guessed the on-screen guys had only just started. They were still in jeans and were kissing, their hands roaming over each other’s toned upper bodies.

I moved closer to Darius.

“You ever done it outside?” he asked as the men undid each other’s pants and shoved at them.


“You like it?”

I grinned. “I like sex no matter where I do it.”

“Oh, I see.”

“You’ll love it too,” I reached for his hand, tugging it from its tight clasp on his other one. “When you’re ready.”

“I hope that will be soon.” He tipped his chin, his attention firmly on the screen.

Two cocks were out now. Each big and hard and glossy in true porn-star style.

The men were moaning, their kisses noisy, as they worked each other’s shafts.

For a few minutes we watched in silence as the camera panned around them, giving views of their cocks, butts and faces.

When one man sank to his knees, I moved closer still to Darius. My arm brushed his, so did my leg. Being so near to him thrilled me, as did the solid wedge of flesh tenting his sweats. “Are you enjoying it?”

“Yes.” His voice was breathy.

“Me too. The one on the right has a great cock, don’t you think?”

“Yes.” He swallowed.

“And it’s about to get sucked.”

He glanced at me, then turned back to the screen. He swiped his tongue over his bottom lip.

The urge to kiss him, hold him, bring him pleasure and taste his blood was almost overwhelming. I reined myself in. “Would you like me to suck your cock?”

He hitched in a breath and his eyes widened as the onscreen cock disappeared into a willing mouth.

“You’ll know what it feels like then, Darius. You won’t have to imagine.”

“You want to…do that to me?”

“Hell yeah.” I ran my hand down his warm arm, across his belly, then to his cock. “I can think of nothing I’d rather do.” I leaned closer and pressed my lips to the ball of his shoulder.

“Rhys…” He looked at me and touched my cheek.

“No strings,” I said. “Just a bit of fun.” I paused. “An experience I’d be honored to give you."

His eyes flashed and he rubbed his fingertips together. I wondered if heat was growing inside him, a heat that would result in sparks; I hoped so, I wanted to see them.

“Okay,” he said. “I mean, yes please. If you don’t mind, I mean—”

I chuckled and brushed my lips over his. “You’re the hottest guy I’ve seen in a long time, and me and you, we’ll be good together.” Pushing to the edge of the sofa, I then sank to my knees between his legs. I looked up at him as I curled my hands into the waistband of his sweats. “Keep watching the TV and relax. Let me do this. I consider it somewhat of a speciality of mine.”

He lifted his hips, allowing me to pull his sweats to his thighs.

His cock sprung free and a wild rage of excitement went through me. This was the man we’d been waiting for, and now I had him. He was mine, for now at least.

I gripped his shaft.

“Fuck,” he muttered.

“I’m sorry, my hands are cold.”

“It’s not that, it’s…”


“Just having you touch me. Rhys, I…” He rested his hands on my head.

“I told you, relax, and come when you want to.” I leaned forward and swiped my tongue over the tip of his glans, gathering up a tiny leak of pre-cum. I moaned and closed my eyes, he tasted divine.

His thighs tensed around me and he gripped my hair.

I opened my mouth wide, forming an ‘o’ with my lips, and sank onto him.

The noise that peeled from his throat was long and guttural and vibrated through me.

I tipped farther forward, cupping his balls with my free hand and taking him as deep as I could. Once there, I paused.

The sounds coming from the television were sexy as fuck—moans, groans, gasps and unholy praises to God.

I wanted to hear Darius making those noises, so I lifted up and started on a steady rhythm, using my hands, fingers, lips and tongue.

This man is everything I need and more.

“Rhys, fuck, I can’t last long.” His cock twitched, more pre-cum slid onto my tongue.

I didn’t answer, instead I upped the pace, making sure I lodged him against my throat on each downward plunge.

He was shaking, his body tensed to granite. His hips were rising to meet my mouth and he was yanking at my hair following the rhythm.

And then it was there.

He held his breath, froze, and hot cum shot from his cock. His shaft throbbed and his balls contracted.

I swallowed and didn’t let up.

He cried out, a long wail of release I knew I’d never forget.

The men on the screen were going for it, flesh-on-flesh slaps filling my ears as they pounded.

Darius yanked at my hair, pulling my mouth from him.

I caught his shaft in my palm and set my thumb over his slit.

He was breathing hard, his face was flushed and his pupils wide. He held his hands out to the sides, fingers splayed on the sofa.

“How was that?” I asked, wiping at a drip of saliva trickling down my chin.

“That was…damn, I should have lasted longer but it felt so good.”

“It wasn’t a test, it was an experience. You came when you wanted, what’s wrong with that?”

He wiped his forearm over his brow then glanced at the TV. “Where’s the remote?” As he’d spoken he’d picked it up and turned it off.

“You weren’t enjoying it?”

“I’ve got the real thing, why would I need that?” He smiled. A lovely wide grin that melted my heart all the more for him.

I love him so much.

I studied his groin and traced my fingertip over a vein leading from his abdomen to his right thigh. It was a delicate shade of lilac and combined with the pulse I could feel in his shaft, I had a desperate urge to taste him.

“Just here,” I said, looking up at him. “Can I bite you?”

“Bite me?” He laughed, though he was still out of breath and currently studying the ends of his fingers. “What, like a hickey?”

“Yeah, something like that.” My fangs were tingling in my gums. “I want to taste you here.” I placed the tip of my tongue on the vein. So damn good, so damn close.

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Lily Harlem's sexy romance novels are highly praised and frequently hit bestseller lists. She lives in the UK and since giving up a career in nursing spends her days penning steamy novels and enjoying a view over the beautiful Welsh countryside. She has a passion for animals and can’t help adopting any waif and stray that comes along, much to Mr Harlem’s despair (he actually doesn’t mind in the least!).

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