Monday, 5 March 2018

Blue Monday

Every Monday I post a sexy excerpt for your entertainment!

Today's is from Tail, a short anonymous "confession" I wrote for Nexus Anthology #6

‘What is it then? Have you been shopping online? Let’s have a look!’

I mumbled that it was just some things I’d ordered as a surprise for Neil, but she wouldn’t let it drop. She can be right pushy when she wants, can Carmel. Eventually I admitted that it was some stuff from a lingerie shop – and then of course we had to go back up to the bedroom and open it up and have a look.

I was careful. I got the top item out and tucked the box away as I let her have a look at that: a red PVC bustier. Carmel liked it – well, she squealed with laughter - and insisted I try it on, so there was a lot of giggling and dirty talk about how much Neil would go for it as I twirled in front of the mirror. I felt a bit weird wearing something so tartily sexy in front of my friend, but she was really complimentary about how well it suited me. And I did like the way it looked with the shiny red plastic stretched tight over my skin, and my creamy boobs bulging up out of the half-cups.

‘Is that the only thing you ordered? It was a big box for one piece of clothing.’

It was impossible to throw Carmel off the scent. I had to admit nervously to another new purchase. This was black and came in a plastic wrapper; it looked like heavy silk but when I got it out she could see straight away that it was a rubber mini-skirt. With a great squeal she spotted the selling-point: a hole cut out where the wearer’s bottom would be.

‘Perv! Is Neil into rubber then?’

‘He likes bums – you know that.’ I’d gone pink. ‘It’s just a joke thing, like.’

‘Try it on!’

So on went the latex skirt. It was very tight and smooth as I eased it over my thighs, and cool to the skin. It was the first time I’d tried this material. I’d imagined it would have a sticky texture and maybe smell of rubber, but it was talced so it was silky-smooth and it felt really nice to handle. It was also snug: I could feel my bum-cheeks bulging a little through the hole. I twisted, trying to get a look. ‘Is that in the right place?’

‘Well your thong looks silly. You’d look better without it.’

So I struggled my panties off from under the rubber skin, leaving my cheeks bare. The skirt was tight enough underneath to actually lift my bum, making it jut out even more than usual. ‘What do you think?’

‘Neil likes spanking you, doesn’t he?’

‘Sometimes.’ I tried to look casual. ‘He’s not weird about it or anything.’

‘He won’t be able to say No to that, then.’

I hobbled off for a look in the mirror, and had to agree. My bum cheeks and crack were framed by the black latex, making a perfect round white target for a hand to land on. I could see already how eager he’d be to turn that target a warm scarlet. Just the thought made me tingle. But while I was admiring myself, Carmel was sneakily examining what remained in the cardboard box.

‘What’s this then?’ She waved the third item I’d ordered, delight at my wickedness printed all over her face. Plastic-wrapped, it was looked at first glance like a short stainless steel carrot, but instead of leaves it had a whisk of long black hair. ‘Is it a whip?’ she asked, ripping the packaging open and trailing the hairs across her palm.


She flicked her bare thigh experimentally.

‘Carmel!’ I’d gone hot all over.

‘Oh my God!’ The truth dawned. ‘Oh my God! It’s a dildo with a tail!’
‘It’s a butt-plug.’ My expression dared her to disapprove.

For once she went quiet. Her eyes opened wide. ‘No! You do that?’

‘It’s a toy, that’s all. It’s fun.’

‘You’d stick something this big up your…?’ She looked admiring actually. Trust Carmel.

I squirmed, proud and flustered and a bit turned on all at the same time. ‘I don’t see why not.’

She grinned at me. ‘Think it’ll go in?’

‘Not easily,’ I admitted with a giggle.

There was a glint in her eye now. ‘Go on. This I’ve got to see.'

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