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Blue Monday: Ashe Barker guests

Every Monday I post a naughty excerpt for your entertainment!

Today's guest author is Ashe Barker, with a hot bite from her novella, Rough Diamonds:

What if someone handed you over a million dollars in uncut diamonds, and a note? For services rendered…

A random act of kindness years earlier gives rise to an astonishing chain of events. Johan Klaas holds the key to the mystery and he will help her – for a price. Can she trust him? Should she? And what has Christa ever done to deserve such a reward?

Swept from her modest flower shop in England, caught up in the opulent global diamond trade in Antwerp and introduced by her millionaire lover to a sensual world of pain and pleasure, Christa is determined to solve the riddle.

Johan played her like a musical instrument, teasing just the melody he desired from her body. She was there, hovering, ready to tumble over the edge again, when he stopped.

“Turn over.”

“What…?” Christa gave a swift head shake. “But…”

“There’s enough flexibility in your restraints. Roll over and kneel up on all fours. Now.”

His tone had altered, only very slightly, but enough. A thread of steel now wound around those curt syllables and Christa had no desire to test his resolve. He was in control, that much had been established when she allowed him to tie her to his bed. Now, she wanted to obey him.

He slid back to give her room. Awkwardly, she moved into position. Her bottom was turned toward him, her knees perhaps shoulder-width apart. Johan tapped the inside of one. “Wider.”

Christa shuffled a few extra inches, until the sinews on her inner thighs protested.

“I can’t… I mean, that’s as far as I can…”

“It is good enough. Now, lean forward to rest your shoulders on the bed.”

Christa did as she was told, aware that he could now see her soaking, swollen pussy displayed in all its slutty glory. For him. All for him.

“You are beautiful, my little flower girl. I would make reference to a fresh, pink rose, or perhaps babble on about the delicate petals of your truly perfect cunt, but I fear you would find that somewhat excessive. Purple prose, I believe you English would call it. I suspect you might prefer a more direct form of appreciation.”

This time he used the digits of one hand to part her pussy lips, while with his free hand he thrust three fingers deep inside her. Christa cried out, a blend of surprise and undiluted pleasure. He withdrew, thrust again, and again.

The walls of her cunt rippled and convulsed around his fingers. Christa groaned, longed for him to rub her clit. It would take no time at all, she was so close, so fucking close…

He withdrew his fingers and she mewled in protest. A sharp and not especially light slap to her right buttock soon stopped her protest.

“Patience, little one. It will be worth the wait, I promise.”

“You slapped me!” Her squeal of indignation was tinged with desire. Christa’s arousal spiked, her entire body now quivering in anticipation.

“I did. I will not do so again if you prefer not.”

“I… I…”

“Christa?” He caressed the spot he had slapped, the sharp tingle now dissipating into her skin, leaving just a pleasing warmth in its wake.

“No, it’s fine. I… I don’t mind. But not too hard,” she added as an afterthought. Because she thought she probably should.

“No, little one, never too hard.”

He resumed his finger-fucking, but with each stroke he withdrew to smear her juices over her pussy and clit. Then he began to work backward, closer to her arse each time. Christa knew where he was headed, but, when he finally circled the tight ring of muscle she flinched.

“Not here?” He paused, waited for permission.

“I don’t know. It feels…good, but I’ve never…”

“Ah, an anal virgin. I promise I will not hurt you.”

“I know, but…”

“Christa, shall I continue?”

She gnawed on her lower lip, conscious of the gentle pressure of his fingers as he lazily circled her arsehole, so close but not touching. Not quite, not yet… Christa shifted, searching, angling herself for—

“Yes! Yes, please continue.”

He said nothing; his fingers did the talking for him as he pressed the tip of his right index finger against the puckered entrance, at the same time lightly scratching the very tip of her clit with his other hand. The dual sensation was beyond anything Christa could have imagined, and despite her initial uncertainty, her body softened and relaxed. He slid his finger past the sphincter guarding her entrance and swirled it just inside.

“Oh, God. Oh. My. Lord.” Christa buried her face in the pillow and moaned.

Johan was gentle, achingly so, as he pushed deeper. Her body opened, the slight burn of discomfort masked by pure joy as he continued to stroke her clit. She shook, her body, begging for release but she knew it wouldn’t happen until he allowed it. Until she accepted him fully.

He pushed his finger right inside, twisted it, then withdrew. He slid it back, in and out, in and out, as her arse slackened. The sensation was unfamiliar, intimate, utterly humiliating on one level, yet reverent on another. Her senses were confused, a tangle of conflicting responses, but all leading to one sweet truth.

She wanted this. She wanted this man and his clever, wicked fingers more than she wanted her next breath.

She gasped as a second finger eased in alongside the first. He was stretching her, pushing her limits, but it was wonderful. And intense. She needed to come. Now.

“Please, Johan, I need—”

He kissed her between her shoulder blades. “I know. I know what you need. You wish to come, yes?”

“Yes! Please.”

“You shall, but not until my cock is inside you.”

She nodded, ground her teeth in frustrated arousal. “Do it now. Fuck me now. I can’t wait…”

He kept his fingers embedded in her arse but had to relinquish his touch on her clit. All her senses were heightened, Christa heard the snap of the fastener on his smart, grey trousers, the whirr of the zip, then the soft swish as he shoved them off. The crackle of foil, another snap, then he was there. The head of his cock pressed against the entrance to her pussy, poised, waiting.

“Johan…” Her voice was low, almost broken. Surely, he wouldn’t tease her now.

He buried his cock inside her in one swift stroke, at the same time reaching under her to resume his attentions to her clit. Christa screamed, her body spasmed, and she came.

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USA Today Bestselling author Ashe Barker writes erotic romance and spanking romance in a variety of genres including contemporary, BDSM, paranormal, historical. ménage, gay romance and time travel. She is a #1 Amazon Bestseller and all her stories feature hot alpha males and sassy submissives, often with a lot to learn. Kink abounds, and there’s enough dirty talk to satisfy the most demanding smut lover. However dark and dirty the setting, love always emerges triumphant, and her stories never fail to deliver a satisfying happy ever after.

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