Sunday, 28 January 2018


My Myers-Briggs profile is INTJ, which apparently means I need to write lists...

Yeah yeah, my handwriting is shitty. I'm a leftie.

Yes, the move is on!

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Eloise said...

Some of these are astoundingly easy. I girded my loins to do the council tax, water, etc. and actually most of it I could do online in a few clicks and it all worked. The TV license too.

Phone and internet though... well lets hope you don't end up with BT! For your sake.

If you want to keep your insurer, I talked to them after I'd moved and it took about 10 minutes, very simple to do.

What takes a surprising amount of time is updating all your addresses for various online people. I don't know who you shop with, but Amazon, etc. need to have your details updated too.