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Blue Monday: Rebecca Branch guests

Every Monday I post a naughty excerpt for your entertainment!

For the first Blue Monday Guest Post of 2018 I am delighted to welcome Rebecca Branch, historian and lover of all things Roman, with an excerpt from her century-spanning time-travel romance novel, Great Ceasar's Ghost. The second book in a series, but a stand-alone novel, this book takes the reader to Paris, London, Rome, Berkeley, New York, and the North Atlantic as it wends its way through the fabric of time.

An archaeological find of great note, the personal belongings of Gaius Julius Caesar, sets the stage as a young curator from the Metropolitan Museum in New York discovers he is connected to Caesar by blood and can travel time at his own discretion.

Amassing a fortune through hindsight and stock purchases, Max DuPont sets his sights on meeting his famous ancestor in ancient Rome, but first, he finds the girl of his dreams, an honors student at Harvard. The problem, she lives her life twenty years before Max was born. This story takes you on a harrowing trip where the characters must correct fissures in time and set the world on its preordained course. Written as a romantic adventure with the ebb and flow of historical people and places, Great Caesar’s Ghost is a joyous, smart and sexy read.

In this excerpt Max, having gone back to 1955, meets a lawyer and his trophy wife and accepts their invitation to stay in their Park Avenue apartment. He is alone with Sally, who is lost and forgotten by her husband, when joins him as he showers:

Moving with care, I admitted the tip and circled him with my tongue. The texture is amazing. I tried to slide down further and he swiveled his hips and pumped into my mouth a couple of times, then held still again. I guessed that he wanted me to pump on him in the same way so I pushed down and then back up again and he sighed. Oh God, he’s enjoying this too. I’m so happy. I pulled off and tried to see it clearly, but the darkness only permitted a silhouette. Stroking him with both my hands, I placed my mouth over him again and went down as far as I could. I doubt I managed a third of his length before he hit the back of my throat, but it was an amazing thing to do and I repeated the motion over and over.

He caressed the back of my head and stroked my hair as I started to move back and forth with more determination. For the first time in my life, I was the active partner making love to a man and I reveled in it. I’d never have dreamed of being so aggressive if not for him. He approved of me. He likes the person I am. Oh, look at his face. He’s enjoying himself so much because of my actions. Why is taking a man to my lips so forbidden in my mind? What’s wrong with it? This is terrific and should be a regular part of lovemaking. Who’d of thought…my, my.

“I’m going to cum Sally.”

He’s what? Going to what?

He began to throb and spasm between my lips and his warm silky flow filled my mouth. Oh my God, he’s having his orgasm in my mouth! Oh my God! I held perfectly still and felt my mouth filling with his emission. He started to gently pump his hips and his penis continued to throb between my lips. He moaned and moaned, squeezing my shoulders and calling my name. Oh, Max. This is insane! This is amazing, warm and viscous, milky yet savory. Fill my mouth, Max. Fill it to overflowing. This is for you. It’s all for you. Whatever you want, whatever you need, I’ll be your vehicle. I’ll do anything to keep you. I’m so happy, Max.

I stroked my hands over his length and squeezed out the last drops of his flow. It was fantastic. How I loved bringing him here! But now…what do I do with it? I pulled off and tilted my head down, opened my mouth, and let it all fall to the shower floor. What a strange taste. How unusual. Food of the Gods, I thought. I could still taste his flow. I rolled my tongue within my mouth and savored the remnants of his passion, suddenly wondering if I should have swallowed it. Oh my goodness. I want to do that again.

“That was great. Oh God, that was great! A real first for me, but ended way too quickly. I can’t believe you just had an orgasm in my mouth! In my mouth, Maxi! I feel so wicked. That was so unthinkable. Now I suppose I’ll have to wait an hour to get a chance to enjoy myself some more. You will love me some more? Won’t you, Max?”

He grabbed the back of my head again, threading his long, supple fingers through my wet hair and pulled my face up to his, lifting me to my feet by my hair. God how masculine and forceful; never hurting me, but always demanding I go where he goes and do what he wants. Lord almighty, I love being dominated by him. I had no idea, none whatsoever. This is what it’s supposed to be like between a man and a woman. This is what I’ve been missing all my life. My eyes closed and he bit down on my lower lip, gently but firmly. Opening my mouth slightly, he released my lip and kissed me full on my lips. Wow, nothing taught and tentative about his kisses. There is an elasticity in the way he uses his mouth. We explored with our tongues and I was sure he could taste the remnants of his own emission. He evidently had no problem with this so why should I be concerned.

Goodness, I love how he handles me, how he directs me. He grabs my hair, lifts me to my feet and bites down on my skin and lips. How powerful and masculine he is and how I’m responding to him is beyond belief. He’s taught me how to kiss, how to act and react instead of being passive. He’s made me lustful; so lustful that I’ve put his penis in my mouth and drawn his climax onto my tongue. Oh my God, that was terrific, utterly sinful. I want to do it again. I want to do it again right away.

I’m falling in love with this man. I am in love with this man! One day…one day of knowing him. God my life must be a train wreck if one day alone can have this effect. I need to change things. I really must change things around.

Pushing me back down into the bench, he got down on his knees between my legs, spreading them apart. I did not resist this time. He could have whatever he wanted. He cupped my breasts and circled his tongue around my nipples. How sensitive they were; more so than ever before, and I caressed the back of his head as he did this. Bending lower, he spread my folds and ran his tongue up my cleft, circling around my center of pleasure and drawing a series of moans out of me immediately. I can’t believe he’s doing this! Oh God, what this says…what this means!

“Oh, Max, what a modern man you are. Mmmm, what a fantasy.” I pushed myself into the corner of the shower bench, back against the tiled wall, and lifted one foot up on the bench as I pressed his head into me. My hands came down and cradled his head, my fingers threaded through his wonderfully long hair, as I pulled and pushed him into me. He let me direct his motions, following my lead as I tilted his face this way and that. My God, my God! I have a lover whose face is in my vagina! He’s eating me alive, he is. How can this be?

He looked up and I could die looking into those eyes; eyes of need and want. He wasn’t doing this just for me. He loved this. I was his feast!

“Sally, you don’t have to be gentle. Always be a participant. Always take what you want. Mash my face into your pussy. Rub yourself into me. Grind your sex into my face. Suffocate me Sally.”

He took a breath and went back at me with a fervor and I got up on my knees on the bench and pulled his face tight into me, rotating my hips and holding his head tight with both hands. I rocked back and forth, back and forth, rubbing myself against his lips and the stubble on his chin. He buried his face in me and seemed to have no limitations when it came to my own pleasure. Again, I could feel the rising again. I was about to crest up against his beautiful face, pulled tight to my sex. Oh my God, how can this be? I’d given up on any reservations I might have had and grabbed his hair and stuffed my muff into his face as I exploded all over him. The throbbing continued for so long and I thought I’d faint from the expenditure of all my energy and passion. I released his hair, yet he continued to lap at me, sucking all the juices from me and stealing the soul from my body. What pleasure. What unbridled pleasure and release. I reveled in the knowledge that I had finally found a lover. Had Max not come to me, I may never have been to this place, this place of warmth and heat and ecstasy.

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Rebecca Branch lives in New York and is the mother of two grown daughters. Professionally, she is an architect, but she trained in Art History and Archaeology in her youth at UC Berkeley for her undergraduate degree and Columbia University for her Ph.D. Although she modeled occasionally for Donna Karan and Calvin Klein while in college and up into her early thirties, her first professional job out of school was as an assistant to the curator of Greco-Roman Art at the Metropolitan Museum in New York. She lectures on the architecture and town planning of the Roman Empire and practices interior design and architecture at an international firm based in New York City.

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