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Blue Monday

Every Monday I post an  naughty excerpt for your entertainment!

Today's clip is from Roadside Rescue, a short story that appeared in the themed anthology Liasons.

Sarah is on her way to an assignation with her old college professor, when her car breaks down and she has a spontaneous sexual fling with the garage rescue guy. In this excerpt she begins to re-examine the direction her life is going.

In her hotel room that night, Sarah sat on the edge of her bed and wondered what the hell she’d been thinking of. She’d never tried such a thing in her life before – so what had made her jump a recovery man like that? Sure he wasn’t unattractive, but she’d been on her way to visit someone else. Was that it then? After weeks of anticipation, was it being unable to cope with being frustrated at the last moment?

It wasn’t just weeks, she reminded herself. It was nearly three months since she’d last been able to meet with Mervyn. And then it had been a night at the theatre – two tickets bought separately – and a furtive against-the-wall shuffle in the Ladies’ during the second act.

She recalled that passionate struggle wistfully, but the picture blurred and was ousted by a more recent memory: Gavin shafting her doggy-style on the back seat of the truck cab. His grunts of pleasure as he powered his way into her. His hard thighs and thick cock.

Her phone rang.

Sarah knew who it was before she picked up. She’d left a message on his voicemail as soon as she could, and later rung the hotel reception at Fort William to leave another apology and a backup message: I’m stranded overnight seventy miles south of you.


‘Mervyn – are you okay? Did you get my message?’

‘Yes. Where are you now?’

‘I had to take a hotel room.’ She explained hurried about the car and finished with, ‘Are you coming to pick me up?’

‘I don’t think so. That would hardly be wise.’ He was always very careful about traceability, was Mervyn. He’d never so much as given her a lift to the station. Sarah felt her shoulders sag.

‘Well what are we going to do?’

‘You can drive up tomorrow. And I’m going to wait here – I’m sure I can find something to keep me amused.’

She felt the hurt flex inside her. ‘Are you sure? That’ll only be one night we have together then.’ Even if Gavin does get the car fixed quickly, she added to herself. If it wasn’t until Monday she’d have blown the whole weekend for nothing, plus she would have to take a day’s leave from work.

‘It’ll have to do, if you can’t manage to keep your car roadworthy. Are you in your room at the moment?’

‘Yes.’ She was reeling a little from the clipped accusation.


‘Of course.’

‘Go and look out of the window.’

She stood and went to open the curtains. ‘What am I looking for?’

‘What can you see out there?’

‘Not much – it’s dark.

‘And your room light is on?’


‘Good. What’s out there by daylight?’

‘The main road through the village.’ Gavin had described it as a town but it was really no more than a village with a castle, a tiny museum, and a single hotel. ‘It goes along the water … We’re on a sea-loch here, I think. It’s calm out there. No beach or anything.’

‘Excellent. So anyone out there can see in your lit window?’

She shivered. ‘I guess.’

‘Touch your breast.’

She held her breath.



‘Are you doing it?’


‘I want you to touch your breast, slowly. Squeeze it.’

An inner trickle of warmth told her how much she was in thrall to his voice. ‘Okay,’ she breathed, and cupped the warm curve of her right breast in her free hand. ‘I’m doing it.’

‘Rub your hand all over it. Play with your nipple.’

The familiar ache of excitement was running like a tide through her body. ‘Yes,’ she said.

‘Is it hard? Tell me how you’re doing it.’

It was hard like a bullet. ‘Yes, it is. I’m pinching it between my finger and thumb and twisting it. Like you do to me.’

And do you like that?’

She couldn’t keep her voice quite even. ‘It makes me want to feel your mouth on my breasts.’

‘On your what?’

‘My breasts.’

‘Oh no. You don’t use prissy words like that. Breasts and pussy are for good girls. You’re not a good girl, are you Sarah?’

‘No,’ she whispered.

‘No; you’re a dirty girl aren’t you? I know that. Ever since that day you stayed behind after my lecture for a little extra tuition. Wanting me to fuck you. It’s not allowed, is it, but that didn’t stop you. In your short skirt and tight blouse, wiggling your pert little body at me. Begging me to touch you.’

Sarah shut her eyes. It was all true; hers had been a crazy all-consuming crush on the handsome older man. ‘Yes.’

‘So don’t tell me about your breasts, dirty girl. What is it that you’re touching for me?’

She was on familiar ground. ‘My titties. I’m touching my titties and thinking about the way you suck them.’

His stifled groan was audible. ‘Then get them out for everyone to see, Sarah. Do that now.’

With a whimper she slipped the top buttons of her blouse and laid it open over her breasts. She wasn’t even wearing her bra; that garment was still hanging over a radiator to dry. ‘I’ve got them out. I’m touching my bare titties for you, Mervyn.’

‘That’s right. And anyone looking up at that window can see them now, can’t they?’


‘And what else will they want to see?’

‘No,’ she groaned; ‘please.’

‘Say it.’

‘My … pussy.’

‘Your twat, girl. Your dirty cunt.’

She took a deeper breath. ‘My cunt.’

‘Are you wearing a skirt, Sarah?’

‘Tuck it up then. Pull down your knickers. Show them. Touch yourself. Tits and twat.’ His voice was sounding croaky.


‘Do it now.’

‘Yes.’ She obeyed, easing her panties down her thighs.

‘Have you got your hand right in your snatch, dirty girl?’

‘Yes. Oh, yes.’

‘Let me hear it.’

She lowered the phone to her crotch to let him hear the moist little noises her fingers were making in her slick flesh, and he did not speak for some moments.

‘Now tell me what you’re doing.’

‘I’m fucking myself. I’ve got one leg up on the windowsill and I’m sticking my fingers in my cunt and stroking the juices all over my clit. I’m all wet, Merv. I’m all wet and slippery and my titties are wobbling and I’m going to come soon.’

‘Good. Let me hear you. Let me hear you come, you dirty girl. Touching yourself where everyone can see you, like a real whore. Standing there with your tits on show playing with yoursel-’

She drowned his voice with her own, babbling as she slithered into orgasm. She thought she heard his staccato grunts, but couldn’t be sure, because as her moans died away the connection went dead, and she was suddenly alone in her hotel room with her cheeks burning and the muted TV flickering. She let out a long breath then, almost like a sob.

That was the second time today she’d betrayed Mervyn. She’d pleasured herself just as he’d demanded, but she hadn’t done it in public view. When he’d first told her to touch her nipple she’d moved quietly away from the window and put her back to the wall. The confusing thing was, she didn’t understand why.

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