Friday, 24 February 2017

"You've hardly started on his secrets": Blog-tour roundup #2

Félix-Hilaire Buhot (1847-1898), Illustration for 'Le Diable Amoureux' (The Devil in Love)
This is the fun bit of a blog tour - I finally get to share all the super-sekret things I have been hoarding about my book! (Well, some secrets, because there are way more to come; just you wait for Bk.3!😈)

On Jennifer Denys' blog you can read about what goes into writing the second book of a trilogy. I'm normally clueless about writing tips for aspiring authors, but this is what works for me.

And on Samantha MacLeod's blog you can read an interview with my heroine Milja in which I torture her a bit more, because I can't get enough of making her life difficult in my plots ...

Actually that may be a writing tip: TORTURE YOUR CHARACTERS!

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