Friday, 10 February 2017

Please still be magic!

This week I risked my entire writing career and had my shower enclosure torn out and a new one installed. Then I had to repaint the bathroom of course...

Why's it a risk? Well, if you're a writer one of the questions you get asked most frequently is, "What do you do to get over writers' block?" And the answer for me is, "I take a long shower."

I had a magic shower, you see. Every time I got stuck on the logistics of a scene, the choreography of some sexual gymnastics, or the flow of a piece of dialogue, I could be sure that all I needed to do was stand under the water for long enough and it would all sort itself out in my head, like a miracle.

Will the magic work with the new shower? I don't know yet!

I have high hopes of the inspirational laminate backing board though (no more tiles and grout for me, suckas!). It's blue with a white marble effect, but as I told Mr Ashbless, "It just looks like there's been a gigantic cum-fight."

And now nobody can unsee that 😈😈 😈


Rachel de Vine said...

I do hope the magic still works with the new shower!

Kate Douglas said...

I'm still laughing. I had just read the post above the photo and had the thought, "I will NEVER unsee that..." and then I read below the photo...

Here's hoping the magic still works. I'm the same way, but with our water shortage I've had to learn to adjust. Thank goodness it's been raining cats and dogs for weeks, now! Now get back to work!

Janine Ashbless said...

You might be washed away by inspiration in California right now!:O

Thanks for the good wishes folks!