Monday, 28 November 2016

Blue Monday

Every Monday I post a naughty excerpt for your entertainment!

Today's excerpt is from Hare Coursing, one of three very short stories I have in 69.

“Don’t you think Erik’s hot?”
She lifted a brow. “He’s not bad, I suppose.”

“What about me?”

Both the men flanking her were as lean and fit as hounds, and they’d been flirting with her for half an hour now. She’d once seen a pair of dogs chasing a hare like that: one at each shoulder. “You’re okay too.”

“Which one of us do you want to disappoint, then?”

“Maybe,” she said chirpily, “I want to disappoint you both.”

“Oh ... I’m sure that’s not true.”

“Are you wanting us to fight over you?” Erik’s grin suggested he was not in a fighting mood. His fingertips had been on the small of her back for the last ten minutes, stroking her gently through her party dress. She hadn’t objected.

“Now that’s an idea.”

“Winner takes all?” Brandon’s voice dropped to a sexy growl. He ran the back of his finger over her cheek and she flushed.

“You’d like to see two guys fight for the right to fuck you?”

“Oh,” she protested, not quite happy with Erik’s choice of words but finding the discomfort compelling.

“Stripped down, maybe? D’you want to watch us wrestle? That’s pretty kinky of you.”

“I’d win, of course,” Brandon pointed out.

“Feck off,” laughed Erik. “Don’t listen to him. I’d kick his butt.”

“But it’d be a pity to waste so much energy, wouldn’t it? When there are so much better ways to spend it.”

“Make love, not war, eh?”

“You guys are bad!” She squirmed happily.

“I mean, think of the possibilities. Two men. That’s two mouths kissing you, love. Four hands, touching you all over. Two big solid cocks for you to ride as long as you liked.”

She shivered. 

Brandon leaned in and kissed her cheek, softly. “Two men sucking your breasts at once,” he whispered.

“A hand on your hot button,” Erik murmured in her other ear, tickling her with his warm breath. “Another up your sweet wet pussy. Two others on your ass, stroking you in all the right places.”

“Oh!” she said, her body full of heat and confusion. With a man at either side and the wall of a flowerbed behind her rump, it was impossible to turn away.

“D’you like the sound of that?” Brandon asked. The lift of his hand drew her attention down to where her nipple had pebbled against the thin cloth of her dress. “It looks like you like it.” One finger circled the stiff point delicately, sending tingles of pleasure through her flesh. She stared, mesmerised – and then Erik turned her face toward him and kissed her, just as softly, his tongue brushing against hers in time to the other man’s caress of her tit.

No matter how the hare had zigzagged from side to side, there was always a hound there.

“Um,” she gasped, pulling back after a long moment. “We shouldn’t.”

“You’re right. You might drop your glass. Here – let me take that.” Erik slipped it from her unresisting fingers and planted it in the earth behind her. His body leaned in against hers as he moved, and she felt the hard jut of his erection. She knew she should be protesting. But Brandon still had her right nipple, flicking it, and she couldn’t think past that thrill of sensation.

“Please,” she said incoherently, turning to that man – and then it was his turn to kiss her. His mouth was smoky with rolling tobacco, his tongue warm and slow. She felt Erik cup her left breast too and a moan rose from the depths of her being.

“There,” Brandon said when he had finished kissing away her words and her breath. “Now, you did like that.”

“Yes,” she whispered. “But...”


“I feel bad.”

His hand moved down from her breast, trailing over the shallow curve of her stomach, stroking in circles as it approached her pubic mound. “You feel fucking marvellous.”

“That’s not what I meant.” But her voice was uneven, and her hips tilted in response to his caress.

“Come on,” Erik murmured. “You must have thought about it. Two guys. Both focused on you, both trying to outdo each other - giving you everything you ever dreamed of. It must be a turn-on.”

“That’s just dirty,” she said, and whimpered as Brandon’s finger tickled the thin cotton shielding her swollen clit.

“Too fucking right, it’s dirty. Dirty is good. Dirty is his cock up your wet pussy while mine slips in and out between those amazing lips. Dirty is him licking you out from the front while I do it from the back. Dirty is both our cocks rubbing all over your beautiful tits. In fact it’s so dirty,” Brandon growled, butting softly up against her, his arm wrapped right round her waist, “that the thought of it is making both of us hard as rock. And I bet it’s making you wet.”

She arched her back, pushing her breast into Erik’s cupped hand. “I’m not wet.”


“Shall we prove it?”

Brandon gathered her skirt with his fingers, lifting it until he could slip his hand in the front of her panties. “Oh you liar,” he admonished, grinning, finding her split swollen and slippery. “Dirty little liar.”

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