Monday, 17 October 2016

Blue Monday

Every Monday I post a naughty excerpt for your entertainment!

During October I've been showcasing bits from my vampire erotica novel Red Grow the Roses. Well today's excerpt is from the short story Amuse-Bouche, which can be read as a standalone but is also a sequel to that novel. It appeared in The Visitor; an anthology of vampire erotica

Rose, a teenaged hitch-hiker, has been picked up by a wealthy couple and taken to a very expensive hotel for the night...

She was combing out her wet hair when Amanda walked in.
'There,' she said, coming up behind Rose in the mirror. 'That colour suits you better than it does me. I just look so washed-out these days.' Without asking permission she adjusted the straps at Rose's shoulders and smoothed the silken slip over her waist and hips.

Rose was both flattered and irritated. She thought she looked better than Amanda too. Of course I do – I'm much younger for a start. 'You and Reynauld,' she said, pouting her lips and looking with satisfaction at her reflection. 'Is he your boyfriend then?'

 'My employer. And yes. We are lovers.'
Ugh. She's got to be at least forty. What does he see in her? And what a snotty way she has of talking, likes she thinks she's the Queen or something. 'Aren't you, like, a bit old for him?'
Amanda didn't answer for a moment and Rose, looking at her narrowed eyes, had time to wonder if maybe she'd been a bit rude, before the other woman said softly, 'He's older than he looks.'
 'What does he do, then?'
Amanda blinked and dropped her gaze. 'He used to work in the City. We're ... currently relocating.'
Banker, said Rose to herself: Boring. 'Are we going to eat, then?'
 'Yes. We're going to eat. Come on through.'
Amanda held the door and Rose preceded her into the bedroom. Half-a-dozen steps in, the girl realised that Reynauld was there, sitting on the bed with his hands at his side, waiting for them. Rose stopped dead, shock rippling across her skin. Against the crimson bedspread he looked as dark as a clot of congealed blood. His black shirt was open down the front so she could see his bare chest, and there was a look of patient anticipation on his face.
As Amanda's hands descended on her shoulders once more, cold and implacable, Rose felt all the air leave her lungs and her brain solidify into a solid useless mass. She couldn’t stop looking at Reynauld's torso. He had black hair etched across his chest and his flat hard stomach – not at all like Kyle, whose lithe body was smooth like polished wood, or like a girl's. There was nothing remotely feminine about this man, and Rose found herself appalled.
'Come here,' he said. His voice was soft and deep, like the voice of darkness itself. But not cool like Amanda's: warm with pleasure instead. His black eyes drank her in, as if he were sucking the light from her. Rose felt the hands at her shoulders push her forward. Her heart was rocketing with dread and with realisation: that this was what it had all been about, that this was what they had been planning since they stopped to give her lift. And though she felt sick with fear and raw with betrayal, at exactly the same time she knew a flush of wet and terrible heat between her legs, as if this was what she had been waiting for too.
'What do you think?' asked Amanda.
Very nice,' he answered. 'Show me her breasts.'
Deftly Amanda swept the thin straps off Rose's shoulders and reached round to heft her breasts from the fallen silk. Rose's nipples swelled to hard puckers of protest under the brush of her chill fingertips, and her thighs squirmed, trying to staunch the moisture welling there.
'Please,' she said breathlessly, lifting her hands. Amanda batted them away and cupped her breasts, pressing into her from behind with her own body. She was surprisingly strong. Rose found herself pushed forward almost into Reynauld's reach.
'Small tits,' said Amanda apologetically.
'Beautiful,' answered Reynauld. Lust was like a thick black tide brimming in his eyes and his voice. Rose could feel it sucking at her, and she knew that if he touched her she'd be pulled under and drowned. 'Rose,' he murmured, 'thank you for this.'
In addressing her, it was as if he gave her permission to emerge from her blank white shock and find words. 'You can't do this,' she said, her voice shaky. Then; 'I've got a boyfriend, you know.'
It was the stupidest of excuses and she saw amusement crease the corners of his eyes. 'Don't worry,' he promised; 'It'll be our little secret.' He didn't bother to hide the mockery as his lip curled and revealed an eye-tooth like a knife-point.
'Oh Christ,' she moaned.
Reynauld lifted a brow as if in mild disapproval of her blasphemy. 'Tell me about Kyle,' he said, his gaze enveloping hers. 'Tell me what you like to do with him.'
She couldn't. As she looked into the black depths of his gaze the warm darkness in him flowed into her, and she couldn't remember Kyle. Not his face or his voice or anything she thought about him. There was only this man, Reynauld.
'Do you enjoy making love together?'
'Yes.' She knew it was true, though she could recall no loving emotion. Just the lust. There was nothing else when she looked into Reynauld's eyes except lust – and surrender. She could feel the hot gather of her juices overflowing their cup and slicking her labia.
'Which position, Rose?'
'All of them.'
'Do you like to suck his cock?'
'What about when he eats you?'
'Yes,' she answered, though she knew she was only gifting him the cruellest of punchlines.
He beckoned her with a crooked finger, and as she stepped unresisting between his knees he laid his hands upon her waist, caressing the smooth lines there. His fingers were cold too, but there was a perfect certainty in them. 'Do you like it,' he murmured, his lips parted hungrily, 'when Kyle sucks your breasts?'
'Yes,' she said, trembling in his grasp. She felt Amanda's hands close around her wrists and draw them back - the grip was not cruel, but it was unbreakable and she knew what it meant. And with her final admission, as if she no longer had any excuse or defence, his mouth closed upon her right nipple.
Teeth punctured skin. The pain was as sharp and exquisite as orgasm and Rose arched, gasping aloud. She felt his hands slide up round her back. Then the searing pain became a pleasure just as keen, just as jagged, racing through her capillaries and flooding her senses. He breast felt as if it were swelling beneath his ravenous kiss, red hot against his cold tongue. He bit her over and over, lightly and almost tenderly, and then he shifted to her other breast and bestowed the same benison, tugging and sucking the swollen point.
Rose sobbed with every tug and every pulse, panting wildly. She looked down at herself. She saw his dark head and his black lashes. She saw his clothes fall away from his shoulders, disintegrating to wisps and then to nothing, as if they were only woven of smoke, so that without the least effort he was suddenly naked. She glimpsed the bright smear of crimson, and then she shut her eyes and took refuge from that sight in the sensations that coursed through her, overwhelming all other instincts - even fear.
'Now,' said Reynauld thickly. He shifted and turned her to face outward, pulling her down into his lap and spreading her legs. She felt his hard chest against her back, the rasp of his legs against her silk-clad thighs, and then the nudge of his erection between them in that soft wet open cleft. With one arm he held her, with the other hand he guided his cock to its target. She thought she was so slick she should have been able to take him easily, but his girth came as a shock and she gasped as it stretched her.
'My Amanda does not yet have her new teeth,' he said, his voice wet, working his way into Rose with consummate, implacable care, his fingers dancing on her clit now. 'So I must bite for her. But you will find her kisses just as sweet as mine.'

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