Sunday, 17 July 2016

Genius Loci

Guardian spirits. Divine presences. Demonic powers. Ghosts. The concept of "genius loci" is indeed an ancient one, found in nearly every human mythology. "Genius Loci" is a huge anthology of 31 all-new fantasy and science fiction stories drawing on the rich tradition of place-as-person. Within its pages, the authors present stories of sentient deserts, beneficent forests, lonely shrubs, and protective planetary spirits, highlighted by the fantastic art of Lisa A. Grabenstetter and Evan M. Jensen., and edited by Jaym Gates.

Following on from yesterday's post, it turns out I've got another horror story in print - my story "The Sleck" appears in Genius Loci: tales of the spirit of place (ed. Jaym Gates). It's the tale of a man who goes back to visit the muddy pond where his little daughter drowned ...

It's currently available in paperback, an e-version to follow soon we hope:

Amazon US :: Amazon UK

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