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Blue Monday: Siri Ousdahl guests

Every Monday I post a filthy excerpt for your entertainment!

Today's guest is Siri Ousdahl, who is leading the charge (along with previous guest L N Bey) for smart and very transgressive erotica at Visconti Press. This excerpt is from her new novel Constraint.

Ten years ago, Alex Baine fell in love with Linnea Marr, a struggling young artist in a doomed BDSM relationship. Now he’s a very different man--rich, powerful, and someone who knows what he wants-- and when he he meets her again, he knows he wants her. But Linnea has changed, too: a successful sculptor, strong-willed, and solitary.

He kidnaps her and takes her to his remote mountain home, but taming her is more difficult -- and satisfying -- than he ever imagined. As Alex and Linnea battle their way through pain and desire, the war between their bodies transmutes into something even more dangerous. Elegant, brutal, passionate, romantic,
Constraint is a dark love story for the ages.

Linnea is standing in the kitchen, drinking coffee and looking out the high clerestory windows at a cumulus cloud that has turned the color of honey in the afternoon sun, and they are kissing, Alex catching her wrist and pulling her close, his mouth hard on hers, tongue deep. “Fuck,” he says hoarsely when she pulls her face away, a single thread of saliva between them, thin as spiderweb breaking. She feels his cock crushed against her mound, until he spins her again and tips her over the kitchen island, breasts and cheek against the cold steel. She bucks up, and he pushes her face back down, snagging his fingers in her hair so she can’t move.

            With his free hand, he pulls her skirt up; she feels the silk light on her back. He’s pinning her with his hand in her hair, and his thighs holding hers immobilized against the table. She feels movement, hears sound: he unbuttons his jeans, and she feels the hot heavy weight of his cock against her bare skin. He spits in his hand, and rubs the moisture on, in, her ass.

            She bucks harder, tries to scratch or punch, but behind her back she can’t reach much. He bends over, and pins her with his weight. His chest even through his shirt is hot, his hand forcing her face down is hot, his breath in her ear is hot. Only the steel counter is cold, that and the moisture cooling on her skin.     

            His breath: he murmurs in her ear, the little endearments of fucking, the obscenities of love. His free hand plunges palm-deep into her cunt, drawing the fluids out, sliding them into her ass.

            She snarls without words, immobilized by his body but fighting anyway. Even his fingers are large, and she knows how big his cock is, she feels it against her skin, in his hand now. He’s sliding it between her thighs, gathering more wetness (because she’s wet, always, oh yes). And his fingers in her ass again, the pressure of his cock’s tip there, and he slides into her, and she cries aloud, in genuine pain.

            He stops immediately, still embedded. “Easy, sweetheart, easy.” His mouth on her neck, voice in her ear. “Here.” His hands fumbling behind her, and he’s holding a vial by her nose. He cracks it, and her nostrils fill with gas, and somehow, everything relaxes. She gives a little sob, and her eyes close. “That’s right,” he whispers.

            He spits into his hand again, and rubs the saliva over the exposed flesh of his cock, sliding a wet finger inside her cunt for more moisture, and moves farther into her, slowly. She feels so good, so fucking hot and tight, and she’s his, and he slides in until the base of his cock is against her buttocks, his balls against her cunt lips. And he moves out slowly, and then, carefully, back in. So hot, so tight. Tears leak from her closed eyes, but she’s moaning now, the little whimper she gives when her body is aflame. His.

            And then he stops worrying about being gentle, stops thinking about anything at all. He is in her, and she is his, beautiful in her tears against the steel, and the tension in his cock and balls is going to kill him, and he shouts aloud and dies, deep inside her ass, the release sweet as honey and death.

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Siri Ousdahl is the pseudonym of an award-winning writer of short and long fiction. She lives in the midwest.

Visconti Press

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