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Blue Monday: Primula Bond guests

Every Monday I post a wicked excerpt for your entertainment!

Today's guest is bestseller Primula Bond, with an excerpt from Pierre - which is the follow-up to her Silver Chain trilogy.

Pierre Levi fears that the hit and run which nearly killed him was the only thing capable of stopping his destructive behaviour. Now he’s torn between his desire for reconciliation with his brother, Gustav, and his attraction to Serena, Gustav's girlfriend.

I part my lips and smoothly suck in the most precious part of Pierre Levi.
My heart is pounding. Sweat pricks under my arms. I run my free hand down between my legs. I'm soaking wet. I'll be leaving a slick of pussy juice on his bed.
I close my lips as the length of him jumps over my tongue. So long. So hard. Still he doesn't move. I can only hear the thick pulsing of my own blood. 
This isn't just for him. This is for me.
He is hard and huge. His hips push urgently. I slide my lips down to the base so that he's deep inside my mouth, shoving to the back of my throat.
A brief memory twists in my head of the times I did this for Daniele. In the flat. In the alleyway behind his precious kitchen, amongst the rubbish bins and the overhead lines of washing. I wonder if that sous chef gives head as well as me. But then I realise, in a dazzling flash of exhilaration, that I don't give a toss.  Another man's cock is in my mouth and I'm going to do this so brilliantly that when he's spent he'll be begging for more.
I push the thick shaft back with my tongue, close my lips, and suck it into the wetness of my mouth. It gives a little buck and thickens.
I'm getting wetter, wriggling on the bed beside him. He's stiffening and swelling as I suck. My breath is gasping and rasping with excitement now. Pleasure surges through me. 
Pierre Levi thinks he's the boss of everyone. But watch this. I have him right where I want him. Well, apart from inside me, that is. But I can wait for that. I can wait. A little longer.
His obvious, thrusting pleasure is turning me on. I can taste him. He's wrapped my hair round his fingers and is tugging at me. I move my mouth up and down, a relentless pleasure machine.
'Rosie. Stop. Honey, stop.'
I pause, my mouth loosening, lips losing their tight grip. Why does he want me to stop? He dismissed me the other day, just after that wonderful kiss. Does he want to dismiss me now?
Fight for him.
'Too late, Levi. Just enjoy it.'
I start to bite him, nip the taut surface. I've no idea how hard to bite or how much I might hurt him. But I'm going ahead anyway.
He sinks back.  He's made that token effort of resistance. He's accepted that he's just a man with a massive hard-on that needs sucking off. And a girl he quite likes is doing him the favour.
He moans my name again, louder this time, then slides his hands over my ears so that all I can hear is the rushing of my own blood. I work even harder. I want to give him something he won't forget. Here's the little mouse, bursting out of her shell.
The dark room is warm and still, lit only by the moonlight.
He thrusts deeper into my mouth, groaning more loudly now.  I will myself to exercise control for a little bit longer and fondle underneath the shaft, feel the soft balls shrinking shyly as I encircle the base with my finger and thumb. He's filling my mouth. He's pushing at the back of my throat and my lips are gripped hard over the smooth surface.
I nip once, nip a little harder, then suck, my lips sliding, and all at once he is jerking, pushing himself into my face, he's thrusting against the roof of my mouth, blocking my throat, his fingers are pulling violently at my hair, pulling me away, pushing me back, and then he's groaning loudly and painfully, more painfully than I realised. He's sobbing out my name, quietly but forcefully, as his life force spurts from him.
I open my throat and swallow every hot sweet drop.
I kneel back at last, wipe my mouth quickly, and watch him. His eyes are open, staring at me, glittering through the dark.
'Rosie. Bad girl.'
His throat bulges as he regains his breath, swallowing down the shouting excitement. His mouth slowly closes and he lies back, totally spent. I could watch him all night. The lovely man I've reduced to this exhausted heap.
He could have stopped me at any time, but he didn't.
I'm fighting for you, Pierre Levi.
'Don't talk now, Pierre. We'll talk tomorrow.'
I get up, my legs shaking, my jaw aching from my ministrations. I look down at him, but apart from his arm lying across him now, and his pyjama left open, he looks as if he hasn't moved.
I want him so badly it hurts. But not here. Not now.
I take one last look at him before I close the door, and outside the room, up in the corner, the little red eye on the camera winks.

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Primula Bond has been writing erotic fiction for Black Lace and Xcite Books for twenty years, most recently the Sunday Times best-selling erotic romance series consisting of The Silver Chain, The Golden Locket ,The Diamond Ring and Pierre, the dramatic sequel, all published by Harper Collins.     
    She contributes features and stories to the Erotic Review, has given workshops at writing festivals on erotica and short stories, and offers a critique service for aspiring erotic and romantic writers through Writers Workshop.  You can find her blog at and follow her at Facebook and Twitter @primulabond.
'Primula Bond's effortless writing style makes her...a pleasure to read'. Forum

'One day all erotic novels will be as good as this.' Bastei Lubbe

'Explicit and remarkable ... tremendously well written ... a winner.' ETO

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