Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Only 50 shopping days!

Sorry. I'm so sorry - it's way too early to be mentioning Christmas, isn't it?  But the marvelous Kay Jaybee has released this photo of her article in the ETO Magazine, in which she recommends her top ten erotic novels. And there, lo, is my Named and Shamed!

"Can I hold it in one hand?"

What can I say but Ho Ho Ho?

The lineup, for those with fuzzy eyesight, is as follows:

Anything But Vanilla - Madelynne Ellis
Big Bad - Sommer Marsden
Cassandra's Conflict - Fredrica Allyn
Control - Charlotte Stein
Named and Shamed - Janine Ashbless
Nanny State - Giselle Renarde
Raw Silk - Lisabet Sarai
The Business of Pleasure - Justine Elyot
The Initiation of Miss Holly - K D Grace
Undone - Kristina Lloyd

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